Top 10 Underrated Scream Queens

Some of my favorite scream queens like Amber Heard, Jaimie King, and Emmanuelle Chriqui have been getting more exposure lately but there are plenty of underrated horror actresses who need a kick start to their celebrity status. Below are ten of my favorite underrated scream queens.

10. Melissa George (The Amityville Horror ’05, A Lonely Place to Die, Triangle, The Killing Gene,30 Days of Night, The Betrayed, Bag of Bones): It still boggles my mind that not everyone knows George’s name. She’s not only an accomplished horror actress, but she’s proven her worth in movies across the board. George always plays the strong competent woman that you want to root for and she does it damn well.

9. Emmanuelle Vaugier (Bind, Hysteria, Mirrors 2, Saw series, Masters of Horror, House of the Dead 2, Mindstorm, Ripper, Wishmaster 3, Fear 2): You may know her as Jake’s crazy babymama from One Tree Hill but Vaugier is actually a horror movie expert. Her horror movies may not be the most famous but she still has herself an impressive resume. Her exotic looks and penchant for looking terrified has earned Vaugier a spot on the underrated scream queen list.

8. Sarah Roemer (The Grudge 2, Disturbia, Asylym, Locked In): Roemer doesn’t have quite as many horror films under her belt as some of the others on this list, but she’s had some impressive performances so far. I’m excited to see what else she can bring to the table and whether or not she can move up on the Hollywood scale.

7. Julianna Guill (The Apparition, My Super Psycho Sweet Sixteen, Altitude, Friday the 13th): Guill is final girl material who gets stuck in sidekick roles, probably because of her amazing figure and gorgeous face. She never gets the main role but still manages to knock it out of the park and play her sometimes one-dimensional characters with more empathy than they were written for. Here’s hoping she gets her due with a starring horror role soon.

6. Agnes Bruckner (Kill Theory, Blood and Chocolate, Murder by Numbers, The Craigslist Killer, Vacancy 2, The Woods, Venom): Bruckner has a unique look that makes her unforgettable. She also has a grounded persona that makes her seem like the “everyman” in her movies, making the audience able to relate to her characters and their struggles.

5. Meagan Good (The Unborn, One Missed Call, Venom, Saw V): Good is one of those actresses who doesn’t seem to age, and her youthfullness comes in handy when playing a scream queen. She is another fan favorite who hasn’t been recognized enough for her contributions to the genre. I can admit that this list is pretty whitewashed and I wish Hollywood would give more talented multicultural actresses a chance to become senseless victims in their horror movies.

4. Laura Ramsey (The Covenant, Venom, Cruel World, The Ruins): Ramsey is the girl next door that you always want to root for in these movies. She looks sweet and innocent and her constant peril tugs at the audience’s heartstrings. And she isn’t a bad actress either; her performance in The Ruins was one of the most real I’ve seen from a scream queen in a long time.

3. Monica Keena (Night of the Demons, Left in Darkness, Snow White: A Tale of Terror, Freddy vs. Jason): Monica proved that you can have big boobs and still be the final girl. Her final face-off against Freddy in FVJ was supremely badass. In the little known Left in Darkness Keena carries the whole film on her shoulders and performs a believable emotional rollercoaster.

2. Katie Cassidy (Harper’s Island, Nightmare on Elm Street, Black Christmas, The Lost, Supernatural): With a face that can be both teenager and adult, Cassidy takes over every role no matter how trivial and she brings classiness to the horror genre. She breathed new life into the role of Kris (aka Tina) in the subpar Nightmare on Elm Street remake and was just about the only good thing in the movie. She’s the girl you want to know in real life.

1. Danielle Harris (Halloween 4 and 5, Urban Legend, Halloween 2007, Left for Dead, Halloween II, Hatchet II, The Victim, Devil’s Night): With numerous horror films under her belt and at least six more coming up, Harris is the ruling queen of today’s horror films. She is a huge hit with fanboys and hardcore horror lovers but her name is somehow not quite household just yet. With her soon to be explosion of films including sequels and remakes to already popular series, she may just make the splash that she’s destined to make.