Buffy Spin-Offs We Wanna See

In 1997 Joss Whedon created a television series based on a failed movie, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the rest is well known television history. Over the next several years a myriad of books, comics, video games, and even a spin-off helped build and flesh out a massive universe for Buffy and the Scooby gang to inhabit. But the show came to an end  and eventually so did all the beloved tie-in materials aside from a few comic series’ but with a universe as vast and still unexplored as this one the need to expand is inevitable and with a beloved story which came from television a return in some form to that same format would be the best way to bring it back. As a Buffy fan who wants to see the story continue in some way here are my picks for the best possible spin offs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Ripper: This one has been long in the planning but short in the actual results. It would feature Rupert Giles the former Watcher who was known during his youthful rebellion days as Ripper, back on the streets of the United Kingdom. In the same vein as Sherlock  but with the realistic unsettling horror of Apparitions; Giles would be called in on cases when the proper authorities would be over their head due to the supernatural elements of their cases.

Faith: For those of you who missed the end of the series, it ended with several girls all over the world being given the power of the Slayer leading to Buffy and her crew building a worldwide network of Slayers fighting demons. But in the comics that followed we learned that the other preexisting Slayer was pushed to the side lines and used by Giles to go on dangerous and morally questionable missions that Buffy and the Scoobies need not know about. Naturally a spin-off with Faith would feature her leading a team of tough and rebellious Slayers on a series of black-ops missions and often drawing heat from Buffy.

Slayer First Class: What better way to utilize the humor that Buffy is so well known for that a series about an awkward teenage girl who suddenly finds herself recruited into a team of super powered demon hunters? Add a touch of Scrubs and put the more comedic inclined Buffy writers like Marti Noxon or Jane Espenson in charge and you have a potentially great show on your hands. Let the audiences watch as the protagonist grows from a trainee and become a respected Slayer who earns the respect of others.

Spike: The fan favorite platinum-haired vampire with a soul would be the natural fit to lead his own series. Furthering the quest for redemption he began in Buffy TVS and later in Angel but without the over seriousness of the other ensouled blood sucker. Keep his punk rock anti-hero qualities in place and have him travel the highways of America righting wrongs like an undead David Carradine in Kung Fu.

Willow: While Buffy and Xander are training the next generation of Slayers; Willow has to be teaching the next generation of witches and wizards in their own paths to greatness. With the success of Harry Potter proves that there’s an audience for kids using magic, throw in demons and a likable young cast playing characters deciding if they are going to use their powers for good or evil and you may have a hit.

Fray: Based on the hit comic series an adaptation to television is in order. Set in a bleak future the series focuses on Melaka Fray the last Slayer on earth. With a preestablished fanbase  and loads of story potential put this series on TV right now.