Avengers Month: Best Avengers Creative Teams

The Avengers have been Marvel’s staple team for many decades now, sure the X-Men and the Fantastic Four have had their time in the sun but in the end they can not match the popularity of Marvel’s top team.   The team has been shaped and molded by many different creative teams who have left their distinct imprint on the heroic teams, but some have definitely left their mark on the Avengers that few have ever approached, so now it is time to assemble and see who the best creative duos in Avengers history are.

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby: The founding fathers of the Marvel Universe, who according to comic book legend got the inspiration for their work after the publishers of the top two comic companies at a golf game  talked about the success of DC Comics’ Justice League. Naturally during the evolution of Marvel came their League equivalent but with a unique twist. Rather than mimmick the camaraderie of the competition, Iron Man, Wasp, Thor, and their crew were brought together out of necessity clashing personalities and all. The comic would have been successful if the duo had left the formula as is, but they rocked the boat greatly by bringing back World War II era hero, Captain America and introducing the Star Spangled hero to a new generation who would forever associate him with the team. With Lee’s creative imagination and Kirby’s dynamic visuals the iconic Avengers were born.

Roy Thomas & Sal Buscema: Two luminaries from Marvel Comics during a time of change and growth in the company; Roy Thomas added many iconic elements to the Avenger’s mythos such as the great Avenger Mansion and the Black Panther. Buscema was building his career as a one of best artists to ever work in comics. Together along with other artists like the unparalleled Neal Adams, they brought the Kree-Skrull War to earth for one of the best stories in Marvel history.

Roger Stern & John Buscema: Not to be outdone by his brother, John Buscema also left a huge impact on the Avengers, he teamed with writer Roger Stern and together they created what is considered the best story in Avengers history, Under Siege (not to be confused with the horribly mediocre mini series Siege). Creating a force that could believably challenge the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes by utilizing the Masters of Evil as a force that is just as powerful as the Avengers. Baron Zemo leads his team of villains in a master strike against the Avengers which actually makes the readers believe that the heroes were actually defeated for good. Balancing an epic storyline while not losing track of the heart of it all is no easy feat, and this team did it successfully.

Kurt Busiek & George Perez: To many people this is the most perfect creative duo in the team’s long history which restored the Avengers’ reputation after the Heroes Reborn debacle. Busiek has proven time and time again that his skill lies in the fact that he can dig down to the core of any character and find what drives them and makes them who they are, if you need any proof just check out his Astro City comics. Paired perfectly with him was legendary comic artist George Perez returning to the team after his classic work on the “Korvac Saga”, who contrasted this heartfelt story telling style with his lavish and epic visuals making every page feel like an event. A mix of classic A-listers like Captain America and Thor with lesser known characters like Wonder Man the team had a good balance as they took on the likes of; Count Nefario, Ultron, and other classic villains.

Brian Michael Bendis & David Finch: A controversial team to be sure but after Bendis destroyed the team it was the perfect chance to rebuild it for a new generation. Taking a page out of their distinguished competitions League Playbook and made the team a who’s who of the top Marvel heroes and not just the traditional Avengers, as well as characters in the Marvel stable who had the potential to be huge. Adding characters like Spiderman and Wolverine to the same team as Cap and Iron Man they presented a brand new take on Marvel’s top team.