Why Lego Can Have All My Money

The Lego company has been good to geeks. Quickly realising that a large part of their market are nostalgic nerds who never got over playing with plastic bricks they’ve turned out some great products that appeal to the geek demographic just as much as the young’ns. Sets based on 1950’s B-Grade movies and dinosaur hunters are one thing, but Batman, Superman and Jack Sparrow are a whole new level on awesome.

Plenty of cash got dropped for the DC Superhero sets that have already been released this year. Hopefully there’s some room left in the piggy banks for the new X-MEN, THE AVENGERS and THE LORD OF THE RINGS sets also due out this year. Plus there’s this unreleased Batman set yet to see shelves…

I want a tiny plastic Harley Quinn.

Now onto the big sets – THE AVENGERS

Sadly Lego Samuel L. Jackson isn't included yet.

In the interests of being spoiler free it’s best to avoid Lego sites descriptions of the sets as they do detail scenes from the movie. On their own they just look like generic action scenes.

And just in case X-MEN is more your flavour, here’s Wolverine attacking Deadpool and Magneto.

Now onto the LORD OF THE RINGS sets due out at the end of the year. Sadly no official images have been released, but we make do with what we’ve got.

Could Gollum get any creepier?

Try not to crack up laughing when you look at Frodo's expression here.

That’s all for now folks…I’m gonna go and get a second job.