Avengers Month: Why Joss Whedon is Perfect to Direct the Avengers

As an earlier article pointed out we geeks LOOOOOOOVVVVEE Joss Whedon and if you don’t you really have to assess why you came to this site. Because we have already covered why we love Mr. Whedon it’s time to look at why he’s perfect to bring the Avengers to the big screen.

1. He knows the Marvel Universe: For anybody who has watched his shows may have noticed that it the dialogue is peppered with references to pop culture especially comics; from Nick Fury to Captain America he has covered it all. Even the recent Buffy comics pay homage to famous Marvel Comic covers. In fact he even fulfilled the dreams of many fanboys the world over when he started writing comics for Marvel giving us, The Astonishing X-Men with John Cassady which stands as the best X-Men run of the past couple of years. Even after his twelve issue run he still maintained a good relationship with the people at Marvel.

2. He has mastered directing a large ensemble: Firefly had a full nine main characters, each of whom were strong enough and well-developed enough that they could easily lead their own series. Buffy and Angel likewise had big sprawling casts of characters, yet Whedon gave each one of them their own unique voice and mannerisms. In the Avengers you have a cast that consists of a super solider from WW2, a billionaire in a hi-tech suit, and the god of thunder so in order to make them and their teammates come together in a believable way where no single character steals the spotlight, Whedon is the only man to do it.

3. He can do a lot with a little budget: Joss Whedon’s only other film to date had a budget of about $30 million dollars, which for a big space epic is not a lot, but Whedon made the most of it and you couldn’t see any budgetary constraints. In fatc all of his shows have the look and feel of a big budget movie accomplished despite limited financial means, so just imagine what the man can do with a proper blockbuster sized budget. With a full arsenal of resources and money Marvel has given him that he’s never had before all we have to do is sit back and wait for him to accomplish something amazing.

4. He’s a fan: We as geeks grow tired and weary of Hollywood trying to pander to us when they’re pushing a movie based off of source material we love. They tell us that they are fans and that the changes their making to the movies we want to see are for the better. Whether they’re hogging the spotlight from San Diego Comic Con from real genre endeavors or Michael Bay trying to convince us that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles should in fact be adult aliens, we get sick of it. But Whedon is a fan, he loves the same comics and movies and TV shows that we do, he knows what we love and hate and why we feel so strongly about them. If anybody is right to bring Marvel’s mightiest heroes to the screen it should be someone who gets it.

5. A movie can’t get cancelled: FireflyAngel, and Dollhouse are proof that while we fans love and adore Mr. Whedon the suits don’t always. But luckily The Avengers is not an ongoing series that a heartless exec can show out of order then cancel it’s done and in the can, if the studio doesn’t like then it’s too late now.

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