Encore – 10 Most Awesome Moments in The Avengers!

Now that our American readers have gotten caught up…

This feature is counting down the best scenes in The Avengers. Because sometimes you have to say it – there are spoilers.

Well, damn that movie was awesome. Fifty kinds of awesome. For the sake of reason we’re narrowing it down to the top 10. There’s going to be more that I haven’t included here – so comment below!

10. The Banter

I gotta throw an umbrella over this – this is classic Joss Whedon dialogue. He’s got a bit of a routine (crank up the drama to bursting point and then under cut it with humour). There’s enough one-liners to make a list of those. “He’s adopted”, “his first name is Agent’, “so that’s what it does”…so very cool.

“Did you call us ‘bitches’?”

9. The Mark 7.

Do you know what’s cool? Iron Man’s suit that folds into suitcase. What’s cooler? The Mark 7 suit! It really does address that question about what he’d do if he was threatened while out of his armour.

8. Black Widow and Hawkeye.

This relationship cemented the ensemble. Whilst everyone else has made their own movies to build themselves up and good chunks of the movie dedicated to their banters (awesomely written banter) it’s the in-part unspoken history about these lesser known roles that is most interesting. I’m calling it: make a prequel.

7. Hulks jaw…meet Mjolnir.

It’s never quite clear who would eventually come out on top if this fight saw its way to the end – but when Thor swings his hammer and clocks Hulk RIGHT UPSIDE THE FACE it is the clash of two titans.

6. The Plans

Time to cheat on the whole ‘Top 10’ thing by including two different scenes, both related to making plans. First: Captain chastises Iron Man for heading into a fight without a “plan of attack”. The response? “I have a plan. Attack.”

Following that up is when Cap dishes out his orders to the team when faces down the enemy army. Finishing it off is the classic “Hulk? Smash.” This line was so well delivered it overshadowed Iron Man calling Hawkeye ‘Legolas’.

“Yes sir!”

5. Agent Coulson Geeks Out

It seemed as though the funniest Coulson moment came with the revelation that his name is actually Phil (and Tony Stark’s brilliant response), but when the cult fan favourite meets his childhood hero…he completely geeks out. Seriously, he wants Cap to autograph his mint-condition vintage collectors cards.

Geeking out in 3…2…

4. Black Widow and Loki

The characterization of Black Widow is one of the best features of movie. She was under-used (but not unawesome) in Iron Man 2 and The Avengers gave her new depths. The best moment comes when she confronts an imprisoned Loki in order to bargain for the life of Hawkeye. Damn, she plays him good.

3. “Puny God”.

Hulk gets plenty of great moments, but you know this is the kicker. Loki is reaching the culmination of his preposterous speech about being better than the lesser beings and then BAM BAM BAM BAM! “Puny god”.

2. The Heli-Carrier

This is kind of scene comic book movies are made for. Steve Rogers and Bruce Banner are told to get inside the air-craft carrier before it “becomes difficult to breath”. Shocked, they think that the entire ship is about to submerge but instead…it flies! Holy crap that is awesome!

But how is Santa going to fit that down the chimney?

1. The Tracking Shot…and that Punch Line!

You know the one I mean. One giant, epic continuous tracking shot during the final battle that shows us each of The Avengers in turn fighting against the alien invaders and every single moment of it is pure, unfiltered awesome. Coming to a grand finish with Hulk and Thor bringing down one of those gnarly big flying serpent things. They stand side-by-side and then…POW!