Top 10 Sexiest Geeks (Male Edition)

A few weeks ago House of Geekery presented you with a list of the Top 10 Sexiest Female Geeks. Not to be outdone, we are giving the males a chance to shine as well.I have put together this list of submissions from House of Geekery writers G-Funk, Hedgie, Shifty, and darknite125. Below, in no particular order, are their choices for the top 10 sexiest geek icons.

Simon Pegg

A noted comedian and writer started his career with the cult classic series Spaced, where every episode was packed with references to comics, Star Wars, Buffy and other beloved aspects of geek culture. With his unique take on the zombie genre with Shaun of the Dead, Pegg broke out onto the Hollywood scene but despite his newfound fame and success he has not abandoned his roots and is very outspoken about his love of all things geeky. Famous for writing his own projects which are loaded with pop culture goodness but he also lends his talents to fanboy favorites like Doctor Who, Star Trek, and the Mission Impossible movies.

Nathan Fillion

From playing the coolest spaceship captain since Han Solo to taking on the role of a singing douchebag super hero Fillion has earned the love and respect of geeks everywhere. With loads of charm and humor he has been a perfect fit for all the quirky roles that Joss Whedon has put him in. Fans have proven their loyalty by using the internet to lobby for him to take on such high profile movie roles like Green Lantern and Nathan Drake.

David Tennant

It’s one thing to love a TV show for your whole life and it’s a whole other thing to get cast in the lead of that show. Growing up a tall lanky kid with taped together glasses, David Tennant discovered his passion as a theatre geek which led to him taking on bigger onscreen roles. Tennant became famous on an international scale when he took on the role of the Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who and causing the show to explode in popularity for a new generation. Since stepping down Tennant has continued in his geeky ways by bringing his love of Shakespeare to a grand scale audience as well as playing one of the coolest vampire hunters in film, Peter Vincent in the remake of the cult classic Fright Night.

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel might be one of the biggest and toughest action stars on the planet but he also has another persona that people don’t usually associate him with: A geek. Vin has been an avid Dungeons and Dragons fan and player for over 20 years, so much in fact that he had his character’s name (fake) tattooed to his body for the filming of XXX . He still keeps up with the universe this day and even wrote the forward for a celebratory novel on the series. Vin isn’t just a fan of the fantasy genre though; his Science Fiction series based on the Riddick character is filming its third movie with many pay cuts and sacrifices from Diesel himself in order to get the films made with an R rating. He’s even visited the character 3 other times in video game form through his own gaming studio. That’s right; Vin founded his own gaming company in Tigon Studios and is often in collaboration with the developers. All of this adds up to one buff star that isn’t afraid to show his geeky side!

Jason Segel

Jason Segel is one of Hollywood’s most lovable geeks and after The Muppets he’s also become one of the most publicized. Segel is known for breathing comedic life into his movies and TV shows that actually relate back to real world experiences, such as the “Dracula” puppet song from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Aside from being a comedian with acting chops his geek roots are firmly planted in the world of music, as he’s written songs for Freaks and Geeks, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek and The Muppets. His geeky passion for The Muppets is actually what got him the role in the movie, as Disney executives were concerned with his full frontal Nudity in Sarah Marshall. He has an interest in comics, sci-fi and pop culture and often incorporates that into his film roles, most notably on the hit tv show How I Met Your Mother.

Anton Yelchin

Anton Yelchin is a name that’s slowly starting to come out of more movie fan’s mouths after his recurring role in JJ Abram’s Star Trek franchise as well as Fright Night and Terminator Salvation. He’s successfully rebooted two fan favorite SciFi characters with his work as Kyle Reese and Pavel Chekov. While appearing as a main character in two of the most popular and iconic franchises might be Geek cred enough for some people, Anton has even more to back that up. He’s fluent in English and Russian and was once in a punk band where he not only played guitar but also played the piano and wrote a majority of their songs. He still writes and performs music in his spare time to this day, as well as being an avid reader and chess player.

Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton could well be the personification of the modern geek. If the experiment from Weird Science had been repeated with geeky publications instead of pictures of girls Wil Wheaton would have been the result. Beginning his acting career at an early age by becoming an icon of childhood in Stand By Me, he’d also had small parts in ˆThe Secret of NIMH and the awesomely The Last Starfighter. If being in the first movie to include CGI wasn’t geeky enough he then dived into the deep end by taking on a lead role in Star Trek: The Next Generation. For added geekiness his character was considered a Mary Sue for Gene Roddenberry. After his four year stint as a Trekkie Wheaton took time away from his acting career to help develop the software/hardware system Video Toaster.Making his return years later he seemed to be determined to be the geekiest actor doing the rounds. Providing voice work for Teen Titans (as Aqualad), Family Guy, GTA: San Andreas, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Naruto and others. Wheaton has also begun featuring as the rival geek for both Dr. Sheldon Cooper (as himself) in The Big Bang Theory and for The Knights of Good in Felicia Day’s awesome webseries The Guild. With that resume behind him it’s hard to find a bigger geek in Hollywood.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Here’s a charming – if slightly unusual – actor who has been bringing his geek love to many of his roles. A self-confessed fan of ‘Doctor Who’ he did mention in an interview that he’d be interested in the lead role or a recurring part (although he didn’t go for the role even after discussing it with David Tennant). It’s pretty safe to say that fans of Cumberbatch and his show Sherlock would be pretty keen to see this cross-over happen! Cumberbatch is the thinking ladies geek. Becoming a household name for his modern take on the character of Sherlock his performance will no doubt define the character from this point on, with more than a few geek girls claiming to be ‘Sherlocked’. Not content with redefining the greatest fictional detective he’s also played Stephen Hawking and Vincent van Gough. He’s taken on a white coat on the stage to play both Dr. Frankenstein and his monster (on alternate nights) in Danny Boyles theatre adaptation of the classic story – alongside his US Sherlock counterpart Johnny Lee Miller. Not that he relies on historical figures and classic literature for work…he’s also well experienced at playing spies – something he’s done across a number of projects including Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and Spooks.

Martin Freeman

Could well be the thinking ladies geek, Freeman has also made a career for himself playing great geeky roles. Having grown up struggling with asthma and a condition affecting his leg (down to Earth geek problems if I ever saw them) Freeman got himself involved in acting during his teenage years. He joined a theatre group at 15 and began perusing acting as a career at 17, going on to appear in 14 theatre productions and 18 television shows before catching a break in The Office. Playing everyman Tim Canterbury in The Office gave him the role to make his mark. Tim was goofy, lovelorn and fond of pranks, using them as a way to express his frustration with his co-workers. Suddenly many a geek had found someone they can relate to. Having built his fan base with cameos inBlack Books, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. He also used his unique charm to good effect in the latest adaptation of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and was easily the best thing about the movie. More recently he’s been starring alongside Benedict Cumberbatch (another nominee for this list) in the modern day Sherlock, bringing equal parts exasperation and cool to the role of Watson, Sherlock’s foil, bringing to life of the best bromances on screen since…well, forever. The pair have reteamed for their next outing – The Hobbit. Between playing Tim, Arthur Dent and Watson would be enough for any geek hall of fame…Bilbo Baggins is just the icing on the cake.

Robert Kirkman

He’s the writer and co-creator of The Walking Dead, one of the hottest properties in recent years (and recently a game, go *here* to check out the review by G_Funk) and the writer/creator of properties like The Astounding Wolf-man and Invincible. He’s worked for Marvel on properties like Spiderman Unlimited, New Avengers, Ultimate X-Men and Marvel Zombies and collaborated with the world-renowned (whether you love him or hate him) Todd McFarlane on the series Haunt. In addition to writing comics, he’s also executive producer on the AMC series The Walking Dead, based on his graphic novel series, and is a partner in Image Comics, which publishes much of his recent work. A huge video game and comic nerd, he even named his son Peter Parker Kirkman, and if you need me to explain the reasoning behind the moniker, seriously, turn in your geek badge, close the browser and get the hell off my lawn. Admittedly, Kirkman isn’t what you’d call a typical choice for a “sexiest geeks” list, but there is a method to my madness, for he has in recent years become something of an object of appeal for the bear community; those men who also like men, and like them heavy and hirsute. Although, it must be said, entirely heterosexual, Kirkman embraces his gay fans with figuratively open arms, and has acknowledged the following in interviews past. As such, he’s the perfect choice for someone like myself, who quite enjoys his men to be on the huskier end of the spectrum.