007 Case File: ‘Goldfinger’

Get the facts on Bond’s third mission before the review!

The Mission: James Bond is assigned the task of investigating bullion dealer Auric Goldfinger who is suspected of smuggling gold internationally. After observing him in Miami, Bond is tasked with talking the millionaire to how Goldfinger is smuggling the gold undetected.

Locales: Miami, Switzerland, Kentucky.

Gadgets: Bond is equipped with a homing device that he can conceal in his shoe and trace using a sonar in his car. He also has a gold bar to use in getting Goldfinger’s attention.

Vehicle: For the first time Q Branch equips Bond with a car. The Aston Martin DB5 is kitted out with front facing machine guns, a bullet proof shield in the back, oil slick dispenser, revolving plates, smoke screen, wheel scythe and most famously a passenger ejector seat.

Sidekicks: Felix Leiter makes a brief appearance at the beginning of the mission. Tilly Masterson forms a very brief and shaky alliance with Bond when they cross paths sneaking into his Swiss plant.

The Girls: Firstly we have Dink, a poolside masseuse who is quickly forgotten when Bond meets Jill Masterson who is working for Goldfinger. Pussy Galore holds his attention for the rest of the film, possibly because he can’t work out why a parent would name a child ‘Pussy’.

The Enemy: Auric Goldfinger, bullion dealer who is obsessed with gold and will stoop to any low that helps build his stockpile.

Evil Plot: Although he draws MI:6 and CIA attention due to his smuggling operation he has a grander scheme in operation. Using laser technology he intends to break into Fort Knox not to steal the gold stockpile but to detonate an atomic device turning the gold radioactive and untouchable, increasing the value of his personal supply.

Distinguishing Features: He doesn’t have any of the unusual features of most villains, but is often dressed in gold coloured clothing and giving long, bragging speeches.

Secret Liar: Bond uncovers two of Goldfinger’s hideouts. The first is a processing plant in the Swiss Alps complete with a laser torture set-up. The second is his ranch in Kentucky loaded with revolving floors and hidden displays whose purpose seems to be giving the worlds most awesome Powerpoint presentations.

Henchmen: Pussy Galore leads his aerial division who she trains and leads in the air. His bodyguard and personal man-servant is the mute and imposing Oddjob, a hulking mass whose signature weapon is a razor brimmed bowler hat.

Facts About the Movie

Politically Incorrect Behaviour: Naming a character Pussy Galore may have won the title, but it’s really hard to ignore the scene with Dink. Dismissing the masseuse because Felix and he had to discuss “man business” is chauvinistic enough, but the slap on the ass really is to much.

The face a man plotting an uninvited spanking.

Notable Firsts:The movie opens with Bond already on assignment in a mini-mission that is unrelated to the main film, something that becomes a trend. Q Branch sets Bond up with a gadget strewn car for the first time, a series staple.

Random Trivia: The belly dancer seen during the prologue may be familiar to Bond viewers, having played the gypsy dancer in From Russia With Love.

Of the gadgets and weapons the Aston Martin is equipped with the wheel scythe, ejector seat, smoke screen, rotating license plates and bullet proof shield were actual working features, although the shield wasn’t really bullet proof.

Initially the laser castration torture did feature a real laser, but it didn’t show up on camera so special effects were used in the final cut. The flame effect was created by a technician crouching under the table with an oxyacetylene torch, working blind. No wonder Sean Connery looks so nervous.