Top Ten Arrested Development Moments

10. Motherboy

It is very hard to describe how Motherboy summarises Buster and Luciles relationship so perfectly. It represents how Lucile as a mother has failed Buster, who now is a male in his mid 30’s incapable living without his mother. The concept of “Motherboy” is a ridiculous one; however this relationship between Buster and Lucile makes it a plausible one within the context of the show. With the overall ridiculousness of the event, and the accompanying theme song, Motherboy is one of those jokes only Arrested Development can pull off.

9. I’m a monster

Buster seemed like a relatively unused character earlier on in the show, he always seemed to have so much comedic potential however was constrained by his relationship with is mother. The turning point for his character was when his arm was bitten of by the seal; it gave his character identity, and opened the show up for countless hand themed puns and jokes. Buster tearing down his welcome home banner whilst screaming ‘I’m a monster’ is one of classic moments of the series.

8. Gene Parmesan

It is hard to say it, but Gene Parmesan may be the most useless character on the show. He contributes nothing to the Bluth family, however seems to gain the most respect and recognition from Lucile, who doesn’t even acknowledge her kids in the same way she does Gene. From his timeless impression of an Italian man, and his conman like nature Gene is a great minor character in the show.

7. George Seniors Lessons

“That’s why you always leave a note”.
I often imagine a life where in which this is the way my mum would have taught me lessons, how would I have turned out. To be scared senseless by an armless man because I didn’t leave a note when the milk ran out would have been emotionally scarring. Maybe these lessons played a major part in the way in which the Bluth kids turned out.

6. Mayonegg

Nothing is more disturbing to me than this moment of the show, and I don’t even know why, the idea of egg and mayonnaise isn’t exactly a foreign thing. However the way in which George Michael explains how Anne eats her eggs is absolutely horrifying. How Michael Cera managed to keep a straight face whilst saying this line is truly a credit to his acting.

5. Carl Weathers

Arrested development is known for the inclusion of countless celebrity cameos; however Carl Weathers is easily the funniest one. From conning Tobias into taking his acting classes, to his innovative ideas on saving food scraps for stews, he provides some of the funniest moments of the show.

4. Gob’s Chicken Dance

Chicken’s don’t clap!
Gob’s over the top interpretation of the chicken dance is a running joke in the show, however the scene in which it originated, for me is still the funniest rendition of his dance. From that moment it becomes a staple way for the Bluth family to taunt other family members, with each having their own style of dance; none of them actually resemble an actual chicken. It is one of the most quoted and recognisable things from the show, and rightly so, it is hilarious.

3. Singles City

Gob’s naivety is the centre point for many jokes throughout the series. When he leaves the Bluth company to join rival company Sitwell Enterprises he brings along with his a folio of all of Michaels best ideas. After he discovers that each idea has little impact when said one after the other, he is left to generate his own original ideas for Sitwell. This leads to the creation of Singles City, Gob’s brainchild. In essence it’s a good idea, however when Gob fails to move on from the idea it slowly deteriorates into something that is beyond a place for singles to live together in a community.
“I’m an ideas man Michael, I think I proved that with F*** Mountain”

2. Gob’s Suits

Gob is my personal favourite character of the show but speaking frankly he is a jerk, albeit a lovable one. This is his finest moment in the TV show. The sense of power and elitism Gob attains from wearing his father’s expensive suit is hilarious, and made more so by his need to shove everybody’s face into it. C’mon!

1. Quicken

I have watched Arrested Development a few times through now, and have only just understood the magic of this one joke. The Arrested Development writers are notorious for their subtlety and this is no exception. They way in which George Michaels character is presented so perfectly in one line is a credit to the writers, and the moment is made even better by George Michael almost slipping as he scurries up the staircase with his edition of Quicken. Whether it was intentional or not, it just adds to the overall greatness of this scene, and firmly cements as my favourite Arrested Development moment.