Old Hollywood Stars and Their Contemporary Counterparts

1. Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Portman: Both actresses are petite brunette women known for their amazing performances and humanitarianism. When you think of top notch actresses, both Hepburn and Portman come to mind. Hepburn and Portman are Oscar-winning actresses who have proved their mettle in drama and comedy alike.

2. Humphrey Bogart and Bruce Willis: Both actors are known as cultural icons who could deliver time and time again. Though both men have made a multitude of successful movies, they are still known mostly for being typecast (Bogart as a gangster and Willis as an action star) and will forever be attached to some of their most famous and impressing characters (Bogart as Rick Blaine and Willis as John McClane).

3. Elizabeth Taylor and Angelina Jolie: Both actresses have been called exotic, beautiful and crazy. They share the same sexy light-eyed stare and the same fiery temperament that comes through in many of their movie roles. Both actresses have also been involved in marital scandals. These two women are more than famous; they’re infamous.

4. Clark Gable and George Clooney: Both actors’ names have gone down in Hollywood lore. While Gable was once known as “The King of Hollywood” Clooney has been called the “Sexiest Man Alive.” With the same sexy smirk, both men are swooned over by women and have been considered box-office gold.

5. Grace Kelly and Diane Kruger: Both actresses are blonde and beautiful but more importantly, both women are known for their impeccable fashion sense. As Kelly was in the 1950’s, Kruger is one of today’s most trendsetting fashionistas.

6. James Dean and Jude Law: Both blondes, these actors are known for being the troublemaker with the good heart than all the girls swoon over. Whether playing cads in film or in the tabloids, both Dean and Law could do no wrong in the eyes of women, despite being labeled “bay boys.”

7. Katherine Hepburn and Rachel McAdams: Both actresses are known for playing strong female characters with spunk and witty dialogue. Neither could ever be called a damsel in distress. Both McAdams and Hepburn prove that being beautiful doesn’t mean you have to be a weak female lead. From comedy to drama, Hepburn and McAdams are top notch.

8. Jimmy Stewart and Robert Downey Jr.: Both men have something about them that makes them stand out from other actors. Handsome and quick-witted, both Stewart and Downey Jr. are loved by women and men alike. Their unique and loveable personas set them apart from the rest and makes them some of the most memorable personalities on and off-screen.

9. Marilyn Monroe and Scarlett Johansson: Both actresses are most known for their voluptuous figures, blonde hair, and sexualized image. While maybe not considered the very best in their profession, there is no doubt that both Monroe and Johansson are among the most famous, beloved, and lusted after. Both remain sex symbols to this day.

10. Tyrone Power and Orlando Bloom: Both Power and Bloom are most well-known for their stunning good looks and ability to make women fawn over them. Because of their pretty faces, both were typecast into large, adventurous roles. Power eventually was given the chance to prove how good of an actor he was and hopefully Bloom will be given that chance as well.

11. Rita Hayworth and Catherine Zeta-Jones: Both actresses are stunningly beautiful with a figure to die for and a very large male (and female) fan base. While both are known as sex symbols of their time, neither Hayworth or Zeta-Jones is just a pretty face; both are trained dancers.

12. Ava Gardner and Kate Beckinsale: Both brunette actresses are stunning beauties. Kate even played Ava in The Aviator. Both actresses made multiple films in various genres, include epic tales such as Pearl Harbor (Beckinsale) and Mogambo (Gardner).

13. Carey Grant and Brad Pitt: Both actors are known for being debonair leading men. Both impeccably handsome, these two actors have managed to prove that they’re more than just a pretty face with an impressive resume of films in all genres, including award-winning pictures.

14. Judy Garland and Amy Adams: Both actresses are known for being pretty and cute and being able to sing as well as they can act. Garland in The Wizard of Oz and Adams in Enchanted cemented both actresses in the hall of fame of performers.

15. Lauren Bacall and Keira Knightley: Both actresses are tall, stunningly beautiful and blessed with a voice to make men melt. Bacall and Knightley both exploded on the scene as young adults and proved that they were there to stay opposite already famous male leads. Bacall and Knightley are pretty faces that can pull off big performances.

16. Natalie Wood and Anne Hathaway: Both big-eyed brunettes are hard-working actresses who became famous before their mid-twenties and have been nominated for various distinguished awards and are fresh-faced examples of Hollywood talent who started with more childish roles and quickly adapted into strong adult roles.

17. Rock Hudson and Neil Patrick Harris: Both Hudson and Harris are very gay but play some of the most handsome, debonair lady-killers of their time. Hudson’s sexuality was a secret during his time, but now fans know and embrace Harris for who he is, even while accepting him as the rogue Barney Stinson.