Top 10 Valued Fictional Employees

Even in the world of pop culture the hero can’t get the job done alone. Sometimes a good sidekick will do the job but it’s best to have someone in your employ to make things work.

10. Leonardo da Vinci

Role: Engineer

Not differing greatly from the historical figure he’s based on, Leonardo da Vinci added more than a splash of personality to Ezio’s support crew in the Assassin’s Creed series. Leonardo puts his impressive engineering skills to work creating all manner of deadly weapons for the hooded assassin, beginning with improving the original design of his hidden wrist blade. Over time he expanded the arsenal to include hollow poison filled blades, parachutes, hand gliders and even a wrist mounted firearm.

leonardo da vinci

9. Kato

Role: Chauffeur, Bodyguard, Mechanic

Firstly, the recent remake that appeared in cinemas can fuck right off. The original series was not only better in every way (and it was pretty tacky, even for the time) but you cannot deny that the original Kato kicks ass. Because you don’t argue with Bruce Lee. Kato fought alongside the vigilante called The Green Hornet with his magical ass-kickery and helped maintain his identity as a millionaire by acting as his chauffeur. Without Kato the Green Hornet would just be a guy in a hat.


8. Gromit

Role: Engineer, Mechanic, Pet

At the outset Gromit seems like a regular, if highly intelligent, canine companion to the absent-minded inventor and odd-job man Wallace. The two have a close bond, but Wallace seems almost oblivious to how much Gromit does around the place. The faithful mutt is often seen to be doing engineering work on many of the projects around the house from wielding to doubling as a sawhorse. It’s possible that Gromit is the brains of the operation, but we know he’ll never speak up.

7. Mrs. Landingham

Role: Secretary

The calm in the eye of the storm. Having played a guiding hand in the life of Jed Bartlett from his school years Mrs. Landingham became his personal secretary in the Oval Office during his two terms as U.S. President. No matter what the crisis facing the West Wing was she provided the President with the basics – from making sure he had a pen in his hand to finding his reading glasses. She was the rock that Bartlett tied his boat to in a storm, and losing her was what brought his world crashing down.

Mrs Landingham

6. Mac

Role: Technical Support

Cindy ‘Mac’ Mackenzie first crosses paths with amateur sleuth Veronica Mars when she’s the subject of one of her cases. In order to raise some cash she took advantage of her shallow peers by giving them the opportunity to obtain private information on each other and watched them dig their own graves. After this original meeting Mac quickly became Veronica’s trusted tech adviser, keeping her up to date with the latest equipment and know-how.


5. Waylon Smithers

Role: Personal Assisstant

If you wanted to judge support characters on their dedication to their employers then Smithers would have a perfect score. Shameless devoted to Mister Burns (and harbouring unrequited feelings of love) Wayland Smithers goes above and beyond to manage Burns’ life. From helping his chose his teeth in the morning to tucking him in and night while constantly be primed to release the hounds, Smithers is possibly the most dedicated PA in history.

Waylon Smithers

4. Lloyd

Role: Personal Assistant

If there’s anyone who deserves our sympathy it has to be Lloyd. Nobody should have to work for Ari Gold. He’s physically and psychology abusive, highly unpredictable, racist, sexist, homophobic and brutally competitive. Although the sensitive Lloyd may not outwardly seem as though he’d be able to tolerate the abrasive Ari he does stick it out, determined to make his own way in the business.


3. Kaylee

Role: Mechanic

Everyone on board the Serenity has their own role to play, but the one it’s most difficult to imagine that crate traveling without is Kaylee. The bubbly mechanic doesn’t need much in her life to be happy and her affinity for engines keeps her more then busy. She forms the heart of Serenity in more ways than one – she keeps the engine pumping away while acting as the conscious and soul of the crew.


2. Beaker

Role: Lab Assisstant

The amazing thing about Beaker is that he returns week after tormented week to be used as a guinea pig in Dr. Bunsen Honeydew’s insane experiments. From taste testing unknown new substances to being used as bait for ghosts the indecipherable Beaker has suffered numerous calamities in the lab – even dying at one stage. Whether he returns out of loyalty to Dr. Honeydew or his spirit has been crushed to the point that it no longer matters, Beaker will always be there.


1. Alfred Pennyworth

Role: Butler, Mechanic, Surgeon

Alfred Pennyworth

Whilst Alfred’s father served as the butler to the powerful Wayne family of Gotham the young man had other dreams to follow. Alfred returned to his native England to pursue a career as an actor of the stage, quickly making an impression and earning good roles. Feeling that he should fulfill his father’s wishes to follow in his footsteps Alfred returned to Gotham to take up the mantle of Butler in the Wayne household, forming a bond with the young Bruce Wayne after helping him deal with school bullies. After the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne Alfred became the legal guardian to Bruce, and guided him on his change from angry young man to powerful vigilante.

Also caring for Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Damien Wayne, Tim Drake and Cassandra Cain Alfred is the lynchpin of the Bat Clan. He maintains the Batcave, services the vehicles, manages their secret identities, ensures that they eat and sleep, patches up their worlds with the skill of a field surgeon, stitches together their costumes…the list of chores that Alfred Pennyworth does in his day to day staggers belief. All the while maintaining a dry and witty manner befitting an English butler.