007 Casefile: ‘For Your Eyes Only’

Nothing washes the taste of Moonraker out on ones mouth better than Bond getting back to his roots!

The Mission: After a spy boat containing the ATAC (Automatic Targeting Attack Communicator) is attacked and sunk James Bond is dispatched to locate and recover the device.

Locales: The Contiki Europe tour of the Bond films – Spain, Italy, Albania and Greece.

Gadgets: Bond’s Seiko wristwatch operates as a two-way radio with a digital read-out and identigraph system allows Bond to identify a would-be assassin using a computer image.

Vehicles: Bond briefly has a Lotus Esprit but it’s remarkably over-the-top defense system renders it as scrap before long, putting Bond at the wheel of a Citroen 2CV. A mini-submarine is later used to recover the ATAC.

Sidekicks: Bond has a contact in Luigi Ferrara, although he doesn’t last long. He instead builds an alliance with Kristatos, Greek businessman and informant but Bond finds that he is not what he seems and instead aligns himself with rival gang leader Columbo.

The Girls: Melina Havelock is the daughter of marine archeologists who are murdered whilst they are attempting to recover the ATAC for the British. She seeks revenge by assassinating the hitman responsible and joins forces with Bond at the scene. Bibi Dahl is an extremely forwards Olympic ice-skating under the care of Kritatos. The Countess Lisl von Schlaf works for Columbo but is murdered by Kristatos after spending a night with Bond.

Melina Havelock

The Enemy: Kristatos, a Greek business man and British informant who has been using his reputation as cover for criminal dealings.

Evil Plot: Operating through his enforcer, Emile Locque, Kristatos intended to manipulate Bond into killing his rival Columbo while he sold the ATAC to the KGB.

Distinguishing Features: Kristatos operates as a shipping magnate and lacks the usual villainous scars and twitches.

Secret Lair: St. Cyril’s monastery, located atop a mountain outcrop. Accessible only by helicopter or being winched up the side.


Henchmen: The cold-blooded Locque who mercilessly murders anyone he’s ordered to. Gonzalos, a wealthy Cuban hitman and Eric Kriegler, a German Olympic shooter.

Facts About the Movie

Politically Incorrect Behaviour: How old is Bibi? To Bond’s credit he does rebuff her advances at every turn, but then he manipulates her infatuation to his own end.

Bibi For Your Eyes Only

Notable Firsts: For the first and last time the singer performing the title song appears in the title sequence.

John Glen, who had already edited a couple of Bond films, is promoted to director for For Your Eyes Only and would go on to direct the next four movies in the canon.

Random Trivia: Carole Bouquet lost out on the role of Dr. Holly Goodhead in Moonraker, instead getting the part of Melina Havelock in the next film. No doubt she breathed a sigh of relief in hindsight.

Bernard Lee had played M in every Bond film prior to this outing but sadly passed away before his scenes were shot. Out of respect his role was not recast but his lines given to other characters.

Cassandra Harris, who plays Countess Lisl von Schlaf, was wed during the production of For Your Eyes Only…to future James Bond Peirce Brosnan!

Production stalled when Eastern Orthodox monks took exception to the crew filming around their monastery. Although the court ruled that they only owned the exterior of the building they did their best to sabotage the film by hanging laundry out the window, blocking helicopter landing pads and covering the building in bunting.

Although Roger Moore has a terrible fear of heights he attempted a few of the climbing stunts himself…but not before a couple of drinks to steady his nerves.