Gift Ideas for Your Geek

So you have a geek in your life and you’re wondering what you want to get them for the upcoming gift giving season. Although geeks are a demographic that, on the surface, appear to be easy to buy for with the masses of merchandise, technology and pop culture obsessions available. The problem lies in what to pick out from the wide range of options. What is geeky enough? What’s something they would want but wouldn’t buy themselves? What’s the thing that will blow their mind? The House of Geekery is here to help!

Due to House of Geekery being an impartial website we won’t provide links to any specific site – rather we suggest shopping around for the best price.

The Fourth Doctor Bathrobe

fourth doctor bathrobe

Especially recommended for those expecting a white Christmas and need to keep warm. This cozy number features a 4th Doctor scarf that will be familiar to any Doctor Who fan. And geeks love stuff that only other geeks will recognize.

Sonic Screwdriver TV Remote

Sonic Screwdriver remoteSonic Screwdriver remote

There’s plenty of replica Sonic Screwdrivers out there and most Whovians already own one or six. The first thing everyone does with them is pretend that they’re controlling the TV with it. With this new version it will actually work with a range of gestures that can be programmed by the user! With a rather hefty price tag it is certainly a luxury item for geeks.

The Lands of Ice and Fire

Lands of Ice and Fire

Another luxury that many geeks won’t be able to justify putting down the cash for. With many maps already available online and each book in the ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ series (Game of Thrones to you non-ready television types) this is not something anyone needs. But it’s a nice set that is finely detailed, beautifully illustrated and printed to a high quality. A solid gift for someone with lots of room to spread them out.

Community Christmas Ornaments

Community Christmas OrnamentsAlthough Chevy Chase looks down on it, Community is regarded by many as the smartest sitcom doing the rounds. One of its most notable aspects is the the shows uncanny ability to parody pop culture, with the claymation Christmas special being a fine example. Most of the characters are now available as tree decorations!

Think Geek Charm Bracelet

Think Geek Charm Bracelet

Suggested by Hedgie

If you mosey on over to Think Geek (if you haven’t already) then you’ll find one of their new items is this rather funky bracelet. Aiming more at the girly geek market – who are generally left in the dust – this bracelet features a bunch of suitably geeky items to add. A couple have already sold out so you may want to check it out quickly.

Scott Pilgrim Color Editions

Scott Pilgrim Cover Color

Series creator/writer/artist has begun releasing the six-part series in larger, hardcover color editions. The artwork has been touched up and the printing is of a very high quality. Well worth picking up by anyone who’s got the original version and haven’t yet made the upgrade or new fans looking to read for the first time.

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

Iron Man KeepsakeFozzie Bear Keepsake  Nightmare Before Christmas Keepsake Darth Maul Keepsake Tyrannosaurus Rex Keepsake

Suggested by Jamie

Hallmark have an extensive line of ornaments to decorate a tree with, cover the usual Christmas imagery and pop culture classics associated with the holiday such as Peanuts. Oddly enough they also feature a wide range of geeky collectibles featuring Disney characters, mythical creatures, Star Trek heroes, comic characters and more.

That One Game


During the holiday season game developers roll out their big releases for the year in order to capitalize on Santa’s desire to give children the chance to shoot each other in virtual environments. Adult gamers instead use their hard earned cash to buy the games themselves but no-one has the time and money to purchase them all. Find out what game your geek missed out on.

Donkey Kong Jenga

Donkey Kong Jenga

Suggested by Randy

When you want to involve your geek in more traditional family fare (as though we need an excuse to play board games) you can mix them together with pop culture icons. In addition to playing as a regular Jenga game with a rendition of the original Donkey Kong printed on it there’s an alternative set of rules where players sabotage each others attempts to get their Mario to the top. Possible bonus points for the first player to point out that Mario was technically called Jumpman in Donkey Kong.

The Walking Dead Compendium Volume 2 and Volume 1 Hardcover

The Walking Dead Compendium 2

Suggested by Slam Adams

The Walking Dead is without a doubt one of the best comics of the modern age with the television adaptation and video game only serving to cement it’s reputation. The heavy second volume of the survivors tale has recently become available to those with fine taste. And for the real zombie fanatic…


So very, very pretty.

Horcrux Bookmarks

Horcrux Bookmarks

Suggested by Slam Adams

Although the series has long since come to a close the market for Harry Potter related collectables is still very much alive. These wonderfully designed bookmarks each represent one of the seven Horcruxes created by Voldemort. One each for your book collection.

Funko Pop! Characters

Funko Pop

Suggested by Jamie

No matter what the gift intended is into the Funko Pop! character collection is bound to have them. Comic characters, movie characters, Pixar, Disney, rock stars and hip hop stars, cinematic icons, horror movie characters – nice and cheap stocking stuffers that are bound to please everyone.


Lego Batcave

Lego has been strangely quick to please the geek market of late. They’ve been putting out sets of Batman, Spider-Man, Harry Potter, Pirates of Caribbean, ninjas, dinosaurs, monsters and more. With different sized sets provided different prices there’s plenty to choose from.

Mimobot USBs


Suggested by Super Marcey

These rather nifty – albeit slightly disconcerting – USBs turn the latest disposable storage device into a declaration of your hobbies. The massive range of geekcentric options extend from Star Wars to Happy Tree Friends. Anyone looking to brighten up their workplace with their favourite characters.

The Iron Throne

The Iron Throne

For those who really, really want to spoil their geek and have about $30,000 to drop on a gift. Official life-size replicas of the Iron Throne, carefully hand crafted to replicate the look of the melted swords that make up the famous chair, are now available for public purchase. That’ll earn you some respect around the office.