Casting Call: Deadpool’s Supporting Cast

by Slam Adams!

Ryan Reynolds has been unofficially connected to the Deadpool movie ever since he did Blade: Trinity. When he finally got his chance in the first Wolverine movie, they pretty much butchered the character. Reynolds comes out swinging in the middle of the movie, but the climatic finale was a complete dud. The character was stripped of practically everything that made him awesome. It is pretty depressing, but Reynolds and X-Men producer Laura Shuler Donner never gave up hope. They signed up Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the writers of the excellent Zombieland, to pen the script and got the Robert Rodriguez stamp of approval. It circled the internet too, and people seemed to like it. They just have to get their act together and put the stuff in front of the camera. And if they ever make it there, Deadpool is going to need his cast of supporting characters.

Weasel – Jay Baruchel

Weasel is Deadpool’s techie and weapons dealer, like James Bond’s Q. Considering Deadpool is a snarky, crazy, super-violent mercenary instead of a super cool secret agent, his version of Q takes the same gritty and funny variation. Weasel is basically a Gen-Y hacker dude. He probably lives off Red Bull energy drinks and pizza and defends file sharing. Baruchel with his thin frame and funky hair is a dead ringer for Weasel and would match wits pretty great with Reynolds.

Blind Al – Cloris Leachman

Blind Al considers herself to be Deadpool’s roommate. Deadpool considers her his hostage. Who he is using her to leverage remain unseen?  She is full of sage wisdom and seems to understand Deadpool more so than anyone else. Not only does she know just what to say when he is actually having a psychological crisis, she also feeds his need to make jokes and pranks, which tend to get out of hand when the 2 of them compete. There is literally only one person I could ever see playing Blind Al, Cloris Leachman, who happens to be a competent dramatic actress and a brilliant comedic actress.

Cable – Stephen Lang

Cable is actually the son of Cyclops and Madeline Pryor who was taken to the future for protection. He returned to the present as an older post-Apocalypse warrior. He butted heads time and time again with Deadpool until the 2 of them eventually created a pretty interesting friendship. Stephen Lang has kept in tremendous shape for his age and totally got to Rob Liefield like proportions in Avatar. He also does the bull-headed military better than any other character.

Irene Merryweather – Lauren Cohan

Irene Merryweather was a long time ally of Cable who bonded with Deadpool after one of the apparent deaths of Cable. She had big dreams of being a serious journalist only to end up at a tabloid. When Cable appoints himself mutant messiah and creates the island utopia Providence, Irene joins as an administration, essentially running the place while Cable plays superhero. Lauren Cohan of The Walking Dead has a much underrated sense of humor. As a cast member of Supernatural, she kept the Winchesters on their toes with her deadpan and sarcastic battle of wits.

T-Ray – Jason Momoa

Remember the SATs. T-Ray is to Deadpool what Sabretooth is to Wolverine. He is a taller, bulkier, long-haired mercenary who takes a whole lot of pleasure in messing with Deadpool. He believes himself to be the real Wade Wilson (Deadpool’s secret identity). As his story goes, he was a scientist partnered with his wife Mercedes Wilson when they found a wounded mercenary roaming the harsh winter woods. That mercenary killed the two Wilsons, stole his identity, and became the science project known as Deadpool. It has never been proven true, but it does not stop the voodoo powered merc from continuing his attacks on Deadpool. Mamoa fits the taller and bulkier physique. I think the ferocity he shows in Game of Thrones and seems to show in Bullet to the Head looks like it would contrast Reynolds off the wall Wade damn well.