Super Bowl Movie Trailer Round-Up

The Super Bowl is the biggest annual sporting event on the planet with over 100 million viewers and because of that we get a handful of awesome teaser trailers for some of the big name movies of the year.  Last night’s big game was no different than years past and we were subjected to a good amount of meaty TV spots that were sure to rile up the fans and get even more people interested.  Let’s take a look at last night’s biggest movie trailers:



Iron Man 3 is one of the most anticipated movies of 2013 as it’s the first post-Avengers standalone Marvel movie with the biggest franchise leading man of the 6 heroes.  The movie looks to be channeling a much more serious tone than the previous two installments with a focus on Tony Stark ala Bruce Wayne in the sense that he’s broken down to nothing and must build himself up using only his mind and personal drive.  This looks to be upping the ante with the biggest hero in the Iron Man universe taking center stage and a majority of the characters from the previous two movies coming back into the fray.  Marvel had two TV spots last night with a 30 second teaser and a second more extensive look at the movie and both hit the spot for me in a big way.  May of 2013 can’t come soon enough and I’ll be there with my Iron Man shirt ready to be blown away.



Fast Five was one of the biggest surprises of 2011 as it took a slowly dying franchise and injected new life into it with a slew of familiar faces, a good amount of new ones and a fresh new story that looks to be setting up a multiple movie arc.  These movies are like candy to me, you can’t eat it all the time but when you’re craving one there just isn’t any substitute.  This trailer looks to be channeling a lot of what Fast Five brought us with the return of one of the franchise’s core four (Michelle Rodriguez, thought to be killed off in part 5) and an action-packed 60 seconds that promises more of what the series does best.  I’ll be there this summer on opening day!



JJ Abram’s Star Trek reboot blew the doors off of what the universe used to be and could basically be seen as a blueprint in “How to Resurrect a Franchise 101”.  It It keeps the original Star Trek universe in tact with a pretty well thought out alternate timeline but still makes it feel fresh, new, and exciting. What JJ Abrams does masterfully is create the perfect amount of tension and drama with as many characters as possible without it feeling convoluted.  It brought a little bit of everything to the table with a masterful blend of action, sci-fi, comedy and drama with great casting and a roller-coaster ride atmosphere that kept me on the edge of my seat.  I think it’s safe to say that his follow-up is one of the most anticipated movies of 2013 and with the 4 year wait in between outings fans are eager to find out as much about the project as possible.  This teaser was more of a rehash of previous footage but I don’t think fans minded much, since anything they can get from Star Trek Into Darkness is better than nothing.  My tickets are already purchased and I CAN’T WAIT.



If there’s one movie giving be mixed signals for 2013 more than any other release this year then it’s this one.  I just can’t figure out what it’s going to be and the trailers are all over the place in it’s delivery.  Are we getting full-on campy Raimi who brought us the Spider-Man and Evil Dead trilogy and if so, how will that work in the fantasy setting of Oz? Or are we instead getting something that resembles Burton’s recent Alice in Wonderland reboot where it’s an overload of CGI without much heart or soul that’s completely forgtotten about in a year?  I guess time will tell but it still has my smallest of interests based on the fantasy setting and that cast alone.



I’ve already written about my initial disappointment from these trailers on this website before so I’ll spare you the long, winding rants and instead give a short little synopsis.  The studio basically took everything about the World War Z novel that I love so much and changed it to make a tighter, simpler storyline that doesn’t have much in common with the source material.  Slow moving zombies are now sprinting, the journalist aspect has been scrapped and the interlocking aspect of short stories has been replaced with a simple “Man must find a cure to save the world” narrative that wreaks of a tired, old cliche.  The movie doesn’t look bad for a random zombie invasion flick but the fans of the novel want more and deserve more then that.  Time will tell if this movie is any good but I still can’t get the bitter taste of disappointment out of my mouth.



I can honestly say that personally speaking I have no interest in this movie and find the entire feel of the trailers to be bland and uninteresting.  There’s just something about the washed out tone of the colors that is putting me to sleep and the generic looking CGI on the train crash scene is only adding to that.  Johnny Depp is a masterful actor but he’s been pretty hit or miss lately and this looks to be another one of his performances where he’s kinda-sorta-phoning it in for a massive paycheck.  I know that what I said isn’t the most popular opinion but he barely even puts on an accent in this trailer and if he’s supposed to playing a Native-American I can at least get some effort out of him! The only thing going for this is the diverse cast and word on the inner circle that this has been a passion project for Depp for a long time, so hopefully that translates to something fun and exciting on the big screen.  I just won’t be there to witness it.