House of Geekery at Oz Comic Con!

This weekend our illustrious House Residents G-Funk and Hedgie are hitting up Oz Comic-Con in Perth! All sorts of awesomeness will go down – we’ll be hassling William Shatner, McGuyver, Khal Drogo, Gunn, Magenta and more very cool people. They’ll be comics and merch ahoy. We’ll be sitting down with Changing Ways author Justin Randall and other members of Gestalt Comics. Most importantly we’ll be bugging the hell out of punters and cosplayers with cameras, so check back in for interviews and pics!

For up to date pics and comments we’ll be on tumblr and twitter with the hashtag #occperth.

If you’re on site find us (we’ll have the House of Geekery house logo on our passes or shirts and will be talking lots of photos) and get your pic and comments on the site!  Hedgie is the one with spiky hair and G-Funk has the hat. See you there!

Unlike last year I don’t think I’ll try and pick a fight with a Game of Thrones cast member…Jason Mamoa looks much more intimidating than Alfie Allen…

khal drogo