Disney Dinner and a Movie: The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book (1967) is one of Disney’s classics: they took a beloved book and made it into an even more loved film. The Jungle Book is the story of a young boy named Mowgli  lost and raised in the jungle by a cast of wonderful animals. It offers some fun and memorable songs such as “Bare Necessities” and “I Wanna Be Like You”. The Jungle Book’s green theme inspired me to make a green meal that was as fun and carefree as the film itself.

The_Jungle_Book_poster_30166 (1)

The first thing I decided to make were these Semolina Scallion Cakes. My thought process for this was pretty much “The jungle is green, scallions are green, scallions are delicious. Let’s make these”.  They were easy to make and fun as well, since you get to form and flatten patties before frying them (a good way to get your kids involved in the process). I fried the first batch in oil and found them to be too greasy for me so for the second batch I just fried them without oil and they were delicious. These cakes are yummy and easy to make and great for any meal (try maple syrup on them for breakfast).


Going along with the green theme I decided to use one of my favorite green vegetables: asparagus. I used this recipe to make a delicious creamy asparagus soup. It was absolutely scrumptious and had the right amount of balance between vegetable and cream taste. I recommend a combination of this fun movie and delicious recipe to warm you up on a cold winter day.


For dessert I went with the most obvious Jungle Book ingredient: banana. I used this recipe to make a banana bread. Don’t be fooled by the label of vegan and low-fat; it may be both of those things but it is also supremely delicious. The loaf did not last long once my family got a hold of it. To spice it up I added green food coloring and topped it with sliced bananas and vanilla ice cream. This bread can be breakfast, dessert or a snack all equally yummy.


The Jungle Book is such a fun Disney movie that I had to include it in this column, despite it not having many obvious food references. However, that gave me room to experiment and have fun and pretty much make up the entire menu. This one turned out to be a fun-filled meal with great entertainment.


Coming Soon: Tangled