The Pull List: Must Read Comics of 7/24/2013


Lobster Johnson: A Scent of Lotus #1

By: Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, Sebastián Fiumara, Dave Stewart, Tonci Zonjic

Publisher: Dark Horse

I dig Lobster Johnson. He is designed like an old-fashioned pulp hero, but he has a much harder edge. He spun out of the Hellboy series and has shown up and as shown up once in awhile in his own chapters just like Hellboy himself. Definitely check this one out. Its always a fun time when Mignola writes this guy.


Batman The Dark Knight #22

By: Gregg Hurwitz, Alex Maleev

Publisher: DC Comics

The Dark Knight book has been primarily a utility book. Definitely not worth picking up every month unfortunately, but every once in awhile, they use it to fill in some new 52 origins of old rogues. This week its Clayface.

Justice League

Justice League Dark #22

By: Jeff Lemire, Mikel Janin, Ivan Reis

Publisher: DC Comics

So I am definitely digging Trinity War so far. Big stakes. Intimate character moments. It’s a small part of a big game board so far. There are quite a few bold moves; the last one being Wonder Woman seeking out Constantine (and by extension Justice League Dark) to help out with Superman.

Evil Dead

Army Of Darkness vs. Hack Slash #1

By: Tim Seeley, Daniel Leister

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

I am a really big (late) fan to the awesomeness that is Cassie Hack, final girl turned action hero against all the asshole serial killers who won’t stay dead. Now, she is teaming up with one of the few heroes of horror fiction to get more popularity than the villains, Ash from the Evil Dead series. I can’t wait to see what Hack Slash author, Tim Seeley, does with Ash.


Hawkeye Annual #1

By: Matt Fraction, Javier Pulido

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Well, this is a bold move. One of the best parts of this newish series is seeing both Hawkeyes (Clint and Kate) hang out. Their chemistry was pretty damn good, but now, Kate is all mopey and leaving New York (and Clint) for the city of angels. When she gets there, Madam Masque still has a bone to pick.


Hunger #1 (of 4)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

So the solicit is being hush-hush about this. Doesn’t even say who’s writing it. I could do a little more research but to hell with it. If you were paying attention to Age of Ultron, you already got a glimpse of what is happening. Thanks to Wolverine screwing up the fabric of time, we end up seeing Miles Morales, the Spider-Man of the Ultimate universe, staring at the big purple world-eater, Galactus. Our version of Galactus, not that hive mind armada of spaceships that Ultimate Earth already contended with.


Uncanny Avengers #10

By: Rick Remender, Daniel AcuÃ’a, John Cassaday

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Check out this cover, huh? The Apocalypse twins don’t just have 4 Horsemen. They specifically have 4 Horseman of DEATH! SO check out the ranks. Wonder Man’s brother, Grim Reaper. Wolverine’s kid, Daken. The poor X-Scotsman, Banshee. And that pain in the ass, jut stay dead, Sentry. Ragnarok Now!