The Pull List 8/7/2013

The Must Read Comics for the Week of 8/7/2013

DC Comics new 52

Dial H #15

By: China Mieville, Alberto Ponticelli, Brian Bolland

Publisher: DC Comics

The Lowdown: Dial H was a hell of a trip of a comic. For awhile there, I thought that creepy, scary, trippy side of DC comics New 52 was the best they had to offer. But then Frankenstein got cancelled. And then I, Vampire got cancelled. And now Dial H is getting the boot with this final issue.


Green Arrow #23

By: Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino

Publisher: DC Comics

The Lowdown: Lemire has made Green Arrow so awesome. Shado and Count Vertigo just got introudced and Ollie is finding himself a cog in a much bigger machine, representing the arrow as his “spirit weapon” (for lack of a better term).

Jeff Lemire

Trillium #1 

By: Jeff Lemire

Publisher: DC Comics

The Lowdown: Billed as the Last Love Story ever, a scientist studying a new plant species in the year 3797 and an explorer in 1921 working his way through a dense jungle of Peru some how cross paths and fall in love. If it is even close to being as good at Lemire’s Underwater Welder, I am in.


Phantom Stranger #11

By: J. M. DeMatteis, Fernando Blanco, Guillem March

Publisher: DC Comics

The Lowdown: This issue deals with some of the aftermath of the Trinity War. The Stranger escorts the likes of Deadman, Batman, and Kitana into the underworld  to find Dr. Light’s soul to find out some answers for Superman’s outburts, the same outburst that led to this superhero war in the first place. 


Sheltered #2

By: Ed Brisson, John Christmas

Publisher: Image Comics

The Lowdown: I really wasn’t expecting much from this series. I thought “another post-apocalypse story. Whatever!” But this is really different. It is pre-apocalypse: a bunch of doomday preppers lose their friggin heads.


Avengers #17

By: Jonathan Hickman, Stefano Caselli, Leinil Francis Yu

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Lowdown: Besides being the finale of the prelude to the upcoming event, Infinity.  The Avengers start recruiting MORE members. Hickman always said this was supposed to be a huge roster type team, and with the Builder entering the universe they’ll need all the help they can get.


Cable And X-Force #12

By: Dennis Hopeless, Salvador Larroca

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Lowdown: I am really excite that Blaquesmith has showed up in this title. When I found out that Cable was putting a team together, and he was enlisting Forge, I was surprised he wasn’t getting his long time supporting character who has the exact same powers as Forge. The solicit only talks about Domino and Colossus, but Hope is right on the cover.


Daredevil Dark Nights #3

By: Lee Weeks

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Lowdown: So far this miniseries has been pretty cool. Daredevil is trying to save the day during a massive snow storm and through a flashforward framing device it looks like he is going to lose his memory at some point. 


Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #2

By: Nick Spencer, Steve Lieber, Marcos Martin

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Lowdown: I loved this book. It is some of Spider-Man’s worst rogues teaming up and haplessly getting into trouble. It is surprisingly funny. It reminds me of Flash’s Rogues. 


Superior Spider-Man #15

By: Dan Slott, Humberto Ramos

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Lowdown: Let’ see, Ock-Spidey is starting to think like a supervillain. He got himself a new suit, some new gear, and a bunch of new henchman to work as vigilantes along his side. He then marched right into Shadowland and dethroned the Kingpin. The Kingpin’s right hand man, Hobgoblin, escapes though, and Ock-Spidey is going to run him down.


X-Factor #260

By: Peter David, Neil Edwards, David Yardin

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Lowdown: Part 4 of 6 for the end of the X-Factor team. Writer Peter David lights the spot on Polaris and Quicksilver’s sibling rivalry.