The Pull List: 9/4/2013

Busy busy week! The Must Read comics of 9/4/2013

Evil Dead

Army Of Darkness vs. Hack Slash #2

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

I love Ash. I love Cassie Hack. There first outing together chasing down the Necronomicon and killing deadites was as fun and awesome as one would expect.

Mike Mignola

Baltimore: The Infernal Train #1

Publisher: Dark Horse

I thought this was going to be brand new character, but a quick google search reveals Mike Mignola has written this guy before. If Mignola is writing monster hunters, I’m intrigued.


Codename Action #1

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

This was sounding pretty good from the description. We got an old school looking cover with a story about Cold War authority figures being replaced with doppelgangers to escalate global conflict. Then they reveal that the secret agent in charge is also in charge of assembling and running a group of superheroes. It is kind of disappointing that it is just another superhero book, but hopefully it is a more mature tone.

new 52 Justice League

Forever Evil #1

Publisher: DC Comics

Confession time: I am a sucker for crossovers. I hear all the criticisms, that they are just money grabs so that we buy so many different titles during this time, but they always set it up in such a way that hooks me. Like the end of the Trinity War and the reveal of new bad guys (actually the new-52 debut of old bad guys) has me seriously interested.


Green Arrow #23.1 Count Vertigo

Publisher: DC Comics

I hated the new Count Vertigo look when I first saw it, but Jeff Lemire has been so awesome at writing Green Arrow that I didn’t really care. I am excited to see them dive further into the secret origins of Count Vertigo.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern #23.1 Relic

Publisher: DC Comics

Relic is still very much a mystery, but he clearly is going to play a big part in every Green Lantern book eventually. 

Jonathan Hickman

God Is Dead #1

Publisher: Avatar Press

Yes, the title is very provocative, but it is also written by Jonathan Hickman who is writing some of the coolest books being published right now. He is pushing the boundaries of a Marvel flagship with his Avengers books and East of West is one of my most anticipated books month to month. I am guessing that this has more in common with his earlier, trippier work. 


Hit #1

Publisher: Boom!

Taking place in the 1950s in Los Angeles. Infamous gangster, Mickey Cohen, has been arrested  and put in jail. Now that LA’s boogie man is put away, people have started ignoring the still dark corners of the city, like police officers who double as hitmen.


Infinity #2

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Marvel’s epic space opera where the Avengers go into deep space to proactive of an on coming threat. Not only does it include the Avengers space adventures though. It includes war, death, and politics across all the cosmos. 

Robert Kirkman

Invincible #105

Publisher: Image Comics

This solicitation literally says, “If you’ve ever wanted to jump onto INVINCIBLE without shelling out the money for 18 collected editions, this would be the perfect issue to start with. .”


Reality Check #1

Publisher: Image Comics

This seems like an interesting take on the writer-character relationship. An up and coming comic book writer creates a superhero who is more concerned with his libido than anything else, but that character doesn’t really like that direction. He jumps out of his book so that he can talk his writer into helping him find true love rather than more notches for his bedpost.

Star Wars

The Star Wars #1

Publisher: Dark Horse

This is the coolest idea in a long time. This is a comic adaption of one of George Lucas’ earlier drafts of Star Wars. Anniken Starkiller is the protagonist. Luke Skywalker plays a wise old Jedi, and Han Solo is a green skinned alien.


Superior Spider-Man #17

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Octo-Spidey vs Spiderman from the year 2099

Jeff Lemire

Trillium #2

Publisher: DC Comics

An adventurer from 1920s. A scientist from 3797. They come face-to-face after walking through the same temple in different times. These lovers aren’t star-crossed, their time-crossed.


X-Factor #262

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The end of Peter David’s pretty epic run on X-Factor, his brainchild book inspired by a miniseries he wrote with Jamie Madrox as a meta-noir detective.


X-Men Battle of the Atom #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics

A X-team from the future travels to the present to face off with the X-Men from the past (the All-New X-Men team). This is the start of a 10 issue crossover with a number of the X-books.