The Pull List: 9/18/2013

Must read comics the week of 9/18/2013


Buzzkill #1 (of 4)

Publisher: Dark Horse

Rueben is not your average alcoholic superhero. His superpowers are activated by alcohol, but after too many screw ups, he’s going to try and get clean. I don’t know much about this brand new series, but the comic cover has a quote from Mark Waid claiming that he wishes he thought of it.


Infinity #3 (of 6)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

I have been made into such a fan of Hickman through his EPIC work on Avengers. This crossover event is essentially what all of his book has been leading up to.


Justice League #23.3 Dial E 

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The trippy and eccentric series Dial H unfortunately didn’t make it, but they are getting one last shot with this Villain’s Month special.


Kiss Me, Satan #1

Dark Horse

After writing on some of Joss Whedon’s Buffy-verse sequel comics, Victor Gischler is branching out with this story about  werewolf mafia in New Orleans.