NYCC: All “Marvel Now” Reveals

I have been trying to find a complete lineup of Marvel’s reveals at New York Comic Con since they first teased all of them with these frustratingly vague promos, so I tracked them all down. They are in no specific order.


Wrath -Wolverine

Time to jump in a time machine (not literally) to one of the many adventures of Wolverine before he met the X-Men. This one takes place in the 1930s with him on the run with some mobsters and a group of orphans. Um…..what?

Ghost Rider

Overdrive – Ghost Rider

The All New Ghost Rider. To be honest, I am sick of this “All-New” shit. New Avengers has been published since 2005. Are we really out of adjectives? This one make a little more sense though, since it’s not Johnny Blaze. And it’s not Danny Ketch. Which also kind of pisses me off.


Hunted – Punisher

The last time Punisher had his own series, it was one of the best series Marvel was putting out cancelled prematurely. Although, it was wrapped up in the very awesome War Zone story that pitted Frank against the Avengers. In this series, Punisher moves to Los Angeles to take out the big mafia family there. No word if his former ally who moved out to Cali, Rachel Cole-Alves, would be making an appearance. I think they hinted she would show up somewhere else.


Assassin – Elektra

Savage Wolverine’s Zeb Wells is tackling this story about gray area moral ambiguity where Elektra becomes “the Dexer of assassins.” An assassin who assassinates other assassins? IN! Mike Del Mundo is doing the art. He’s got a cool scribbly style that makes fight scenes really stand out.

Black Widow Avengers

Atonement – Black Widow

Obviously riffing on the “red ledger” from the movie adaptation of Avengers, this book seeks to explore Widow’s time when she is not an Avenger. That sounds a lot like the pitch for the current Hawkeye series where its less superhero-y. Hopefully, it can be just as good. Artist Phil Noto is good at superheroes, but his style almost has a more classic spy thriller/noir pop art feel to it. I think he’ll fit right in for Widow.


Higher – Captain Marvel

Kelly Sue Donnick is continuing her Carol Danvers advenutres by sending her (or I guess technically keeping her) in space, living up to the Captain Marvel mantle. You’ll see it go on hiatus with issue 17 before it relaunches in March with a new issue #1. Donnick has turned Captain Marvel into one of Marvel’s most important titles giving them a Wonder Woman level high profile female hero which already has its own fan-club, dubbed the Carol Corps.


Sinners – Thunderbolts

This version of Thunderbolts is way better than I thought it would. Punisher, Elektra, and Venom is working better together than I thought they could on a team, while Deadpool is nicely portrayed in similar style to Rick Remender or Joe Kelly rather than the silly Daniel Way stuff. And of course, this is all led by the weirdest character yet, The Red Hulk, who is actually making use of himself. They’ll be joined by a new member: Ghost Rider, the real one, Johnny Blaze.


Trial – All-New X-Men

I am not sure this is getting re-numbered. The creative team is definitely not changing. Now that Jean Grey is back in the flesh, the Shi’ar show up to put her on trail. And they will be crossing over with the next title….Guardians of the Galaxy.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Judgment – Guardians of the Galaxy

Bendis is taking his two big high profile books, the surprisingly awesome All-New X-Men and the title that only exists most likely because of the movie, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Captain America Avengers

Mindbubble – Captain America

So this is probably the weirdest of the teasers since the term Mindbubble literally means nothing to me, but a quick google search reveals that Rick Remender, the current scribe on Captain America, made a small reference to him in his really awesome Uncanny X-Force.  Remender says this Dr. Mindbubble guy is a product of the Weapon Pus program from the ’60s.


Rad! – Silver Surfer

This one was pretty easy to figure out. Silver type face. Lingo used by surfers. And of course, its his actual last name (Norrin Radd). Of course, this one was about the Silver Surer. Written by Superior Spider-Man‘s Dan Slott, who has a way with charmingly humourous adventures teaming up with Madman and FF artist Mike Allred, who is great with weird stuff.


Corporate – All New X-Factor

I do find it strange that Peter David just wrapped up one X-Factor just to start another. Marvel is definitely on a corporate synergy kick with this Marvel Now banner. A lot of books are being sent back to issue 1 with a lot of jumping on points being imminent. This X-Factor isn’t so much a detective agency. They are a corporate owned security firm led by Polaris, who teams up with her brother and occasional villain Quicksilver and the always charming Gambit, who next to Quicksilver looks like Captain fucking America.


Global – Avengers World

In the aftermath of Infinity, Jonathan Hickman’s cosmic Avengers epic, Avengers World will be a sister book to the main title. Where one will focus on Captain America and the regulars, this will focus on newly minted Avengers like Hyperion and Cannonball as they defend the planet, not just New York. This is where Hickman’s big 18+ roster he teased when he first started Avengers will come into play.


The End – Superior Spider-Man

This would be big news for a lot of people who hate Doc Ock in Spidey’s body, but that doesn’t seem like it is quite here yet. This seems more about the Goblins. I guess Green Goblin has enough goblin soldiers now.


Descent – Avengers Undercover

This is Dennis Hopeless’ spin-off from his surprisingly great Avengers Arena. It is a bit spoilery to for the ending of Arena unfortunately. I’m just not going to discuss.


War – New Warriors

The New Warriors are coming back…..sort of. I mean there’s Justice. And Speedball. And Scarlet Spider was technically a member once. And there’s Nova, but not Rich Ryder. Its Sam Alexander. And then who are all these other people. Where’s Rage. Or Night Thrasher. Or Firestar. Oh well. I’ll probably check it out anyway. His X-Force was over the top, but he has done great work in Saturday morning cartoons. Hopefully he brings that vibe to the books.


Frenemies – Secret Avengers

Kicked off of DC’s Suicide Squad for redirecting the ship in a more successful direction, at least in my opinion, Ales Kot is taking on a different kind of black ops espionage team, Marvel’s Secret Avengers. In describing, they used comparisons like James Bond flicks, Breaking Bad, and Arrested Development. That’s quite the hodge podge. The same cast is sticking around plus Spider-Woman, a natural fit.

Iron Man Avengers

Defend – Iron Patriot

You can thank Iron Man 3 for this redesign. James Rhodes is giving up War Machine for Osborne’s old Iron Patriot duds. Ales Kot is writing with Garry Brown on art duties. The title sounds like what a government, especially America would want in a superhero, obedience and loaylty to defending the homefront, not just some roof-jumper playing by his own rules.

Loki Thor

Trust – Loki Agent of Asgard

Loki is getting his own series, and, supposedly, if you liked Tom Hiddelston’s portrayal, you’ll like this book. Not sure how Kid Loki from Young Avengers becomes Adult Loki, or if they are even associated in general, but there is time to figure it out. The book isn’t due until February.


Extinction – Avenger A.I.

Writer Sam Humphries and artist Andre Araujo continue their Age of Ultron spinoff about a team of robots working with Hank Pym. This new arc sounds pretty ambitious spanning multiple years chronicling the extinction of the human race leading into the 130th century. I’m surprised we made it that far.