House of Geekery’s Halloween Costumes!

Halloween was a blast for most of us here at House of Geekery so to keep the spirit alive a little longer, we decided to share our costumes with you.


I’m Erin from the new slasher film You’re Next.  I saw the film and fell in love with the film and her character.  She was a brilliant character who was tougher than the normal final girl, and I love me a good final girl.  My dream is to play the final boy in a slasher film someday, so I decided why not be a final boy this year so I dressed up as Erin, meat tenderizer and all.  – Bryan E.

hedgie1 hedgie2

I decided to go as a mummy this year which was interesting if nothing else. Came together pretty well, bandages and calico are easy enough to find and I’m building up a nice collection of coloured contacts (they come in handy for working cons when I can’t really cosplay but wanna do something fun anyway). By the end of the night I was trailing most of my bandages in a somewhat epic fashion. All in all A+ would costume again. – Hedgie


I went as the TARDIS this year, continuing my celebration of the 50th Anniversary. Luckily I ran into my dear friend Jack Harness along the way, sadly the Doctor was no where to be seen. Is he regenerating without me? Oh my dear Doctor I do miss you. -Vampjezzc

Paul C. paulc2

For my costume this year my girlfriend and I chose to go as Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher from the Uncharted video game franchise.  These are my favorite games of all-time and Nathan Drake is a costume I’ve wanted to try and conquer for a couple of years now.  As someone who’s been a massive Indiana Jones fan his whole life these games essentially gave me those movie experiences but in video game form.  When you throw in the fact that my girlfriend and I share similar features to the characters and I’m a sarcastic wise ass like Nate than I pretty much had my mind made up.  We try to go as couples as much as possible (two years ago we were Khal Drogo and Khaleesi from Game of Thrones) and with this being one of my favorite things it seemed like a no brainer. – Paul C.

paulg paulg2

Why be Wolverine? Really the question is who wouldn’t be wolverine when given the opportunity? It’s hard to find facial hair that can put Chuck Norris to shame but I’d argue it’s those wolverine chops. I’ll be honest I chose the costume partly because of its simplicity, shave a line in my beard, find some claws, throw on some dog tags and I was essentially done. My decision may also have had something to do with how effective those claws are at spearing food. –Paul G.


This is my “All of the Ninja Turtles” costume, I grew up with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and since I didn’t have a lot of time to plan this year’s disguise I thought of just DONing one of the turtle’s masks (probably Ralph’s) but usually with TMNT you can’t have one without the other so I just settled for all of them at the same time. Cowabunga! -Randy



Mid-way through October my family attended out local Witch’s Ball and we decided to go as a Family of Creepy Dolls. I went as a rag doll with my sister as a broken porcelain doll, my brother as a ventriloquist’s dummy and my mom as an old discarded doll. We had a lot of fun. For Halloween itself my friends and I decided to go as The Rugrats. I’m a huge fan of the show and Chuckie is my favorite and since I already have the red hair I went for it. HALT I am Reptar! – Jamie Z.


I always wanted to dress up for Halloween in a costume that used some hand made effects. So me and my sister used some toilet paper, wet latex, glue, and fake blood to create this zombie with a ripped off face. Thankfully, I was a big hit at the local Zombie Walk. It will open the door of more of these in the future. -horrorphile23

Leave a comment and tell us what you went as for Halloween this year!