The Pull List: 12/4/2013

Must read comics of 12/4/2013


Amazing Spider-Man #700.1

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Um…what? Excuse me? Peter Parker is back t some indeterminate time since Doc Ock killed him? This can’t be canon!


Avengers Annual 2013 #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics

It’s Christmas Eve at the Avengers Tower, and Cap’s all alone on duty as everyone else has somewhere better to be.


Earth 2 #18

Publisher: DC Comics

The whole idea about Earth 2 in the new 52 is that Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman WERE there but died saving it. But now there is a new Batman running around, which I am kind of surprised they would bother with. He comes at a good time though because the forces of Apokolips are trying to take out the Earth again. 


Fairest #21

Publisher: DC Comics/Vertigo imprint

Cinderella, which is Fabletown’s own personal Black Widow, is back on the case after Snow White is nearly assassinated. Returning with her is comic artist, Shawn McManus, who drew for Cinderella’s 6-issue mini back in 2010.


Green Arrow #26

Publisher: DC Comics

Oh, I am excited! Green Arrow has been hinting at a bigger scheme behind the veil about these clans called “The Outsiders,” each with their own avatar weapon like the arrow. Or the sword which has been in Katana. It’s all gonna hit the fan here though.


Hellboy in Hell #5

Publisher: Dark Horse

The fourth issue was in May. May!! It has been a long time waiting for this new issue of such an awesome book which is very well titled. Hellboy is stuck in Hell realizing his true destiny and more or less fighting it.


Superior Spider-Man #23

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The last issue was really cool. Marvel really wants us to like Flash Thompson as Agent Venom, more or less a heroic version of the symbiote. Flash had his own series, has been a Secret Avenger and a Thunderbolt, and now he is back in action in one of the bigger books. The only thing is all his good deeds in the other titles were covert so Ock-Spidey pretty much thinks he’s  rogue.