The Pull List: 12/25/2013

Must Read Comics of 12/25/13


Avengers #24

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Hickman has done some incredible things with the Avengers this year. With Infinity over, Iron Man and Captain America take the next step in growing the Avengers. In honor of the Marvel Now initiative (which I thought this was already a part of), Avengers is getting renumbered. This is technically the new #1.


Forever Evil #4

Publisher: DC Comics

Lex Luthor vs Batman to see who gets to lead the charge against the Crime Syndicate.


Origin II #1

Publisher: DC Comics

In case you couldn’t tell from the title, this is a sequel to Marvel’s awesome miniseries, Origin, which finally revealed the earliest story of Wolverine. It was surprisingly awesome. The original series left Wolverine living with wolves distraught over the death of his first crush, Rose. The solicit also makes reference to Wolvie’s first run-ins with Mr. Sinister and Sabretooth.