The Pull List: 2/5/2014

Must read comics releasing on 2/5/2014


Batman Jokers Daughter #1

Still wrapped in mystery, it sounds like the Joker’s Daughter is getting her story finally told in this one shot from DC.


Lobster Johnson: Get the Lobster #1

Lobster Johnson, who is like a mix of the Green Hornet and Jack Bauer, is one of Mike Mignola’s coolest characters. This time he shows up in Manhattan to stop a couple of superhuman wrestlers who killed a ref in front of a crowded audience.


Loki Agent Of Asgard #1

Just one of many #1 issues coming our way from Marvel (this one isn’t even the only one this week).  Loki gets his own title and re-design thanks in no small part to the fan favorite portrayal by Tom Hiddelston in the Marvel movies.  It sounds like the god of mischief will essentially be an Asgardian Gambit of sorts, pulling off heists and screwing with his enemies.


Ms Marvel #1

This issue has even hit the stands yet, and already, its one of Marvel’s most exciting and controversial new books. With Carol Danvers getting promoted to Captain Marvel, that leaves the Ms. Marvel moniker open. It is taken by a Muslim-American granted powers by the Inhuman terrigen mists changing a bunch of human into superhumans.


Punisher #1

Frank’s leaving the Big Apple for the City of Angels. They have actually denied that Rachel Alves (Punisher’s sidekick who took up his skull motif and moved to LA) will be involved ,which is kind of sad, but Frank getting his own title again makes me excited regardless.