Slasher Films Will NEVER Die: Eleven Upcoming Slasher Films to Look Out for.

For as long as I’ve known slasher films have been my favourite kind of movie.  I adore the horror genre, but the slasher sub genre is where my heart always truly lied.  It’s been this way since I was a kid renting every single VHS tape at Blockbuster working my way through every film…and every time it was the slasher film I remembered.  I remembered the way my heart pounded in my chest when I first saw Halloween and I remember being afraid to go to asleep after watching A Nightmare on Elm Street…but sadly slasher films are fleeting.  Except for the rare ones, they are hardly seen anymore…but thankfully they’re still alive in indie horror, with the recent masterpiece, You’re Next proving slasher films will never die!  Here are ten slasher films to look out for this year and in 2015…who knows, we may have another classic on our hands.
934724_208454532635070_1353912695_n 1. Varsity Blood (2014): Written and directed by the writer of the awesome Bloody Homecoming! The movie sounds like a great time and after talking to the writer/director and being shown the trailer…this looks like my PERFECT slasher, full of gore, suspense, hot men, and I almost died when I counted at LEAST FIVE CHASE SCENES!!! Everyone who knows me knows about my intense love of chase scenes in slasher films.  The early word of mouth is that this one is quite fantastic and Bloody Homecoming is one of my favourite recent slasher films.  This is my top anticipated slasher of 2014!
292278_287578018002741_1749615523_n2. The Pickaxe Murders Part III: The Final Chapter (2014): Right after Varsity Blood would The Pickaxe Murders Part III: The Final Chapter.  What fascinates me about this movie is that there IS NO part 1 and 2. The director/writer wrote a trilogy, but his favourite was part 3…so he decided to shoot that first in case he couldn’t make all three films. But he has attracted so much talent with Tiffany Shepis as the final girl and he has had articles in Fangoria and Gorezone…and I’m friends with the writer/director on Facebook and he is an awesome man who like the two above, knows horror like no other. He knows what we want as horror fans and I know he is going to deliver. And for all the straight men and lesbians, the director/writer promises tons of blood and nudity!  Plus for myself and all the girls, there seems to be tons of cute guys aw well.  
easter-sunday-poster-334x5003. Easter Sunday (2014): My third most anticipated slasher film is Easter Sunday, an Easter set slasher film that seems like it’ll be great fun. After talking to the director/writer, he knows horror really well and he’s a great guy who I have had some BADASS conversations with. Plus the film got some awesome horror actors in there, with Maniac Cop himself in a lead role…nice!  It’s nice to see  new talent behind the camera in the slasher sub genre.
543444_468690216563232_303494675_n4. The New Family (2015): Once again, I’m friends with the people behind this film…but it has a great unique plot about someone murdering pregnant women and it is set in the glorious 80s, like so many of the great slasher films.  Making the young victims, including the final girl, pregnant adds a unique spin to the sub genre and really ups the creep factor. It has a badass poster and it just sounds like it’ll be a terrifying film!
1004977_508895899230888_1541281326_n5. Dismembering Christmas (2015): From my friends who made the awesome Don’t Go to the Reunion comes their sophomore slasher film. It sounds like it’ll be a good time and I’m a sucker for a Christmas slasher film!  I honestly don’t know much about this film, but I have complete faith in these guys as they truly delivered for me in their first film.
see-no-evil-2-cast6. See No Evil 2 (2014): I’m surprised I’m putting this on my list as I honestly wasn’t a fan of the first film, but this sequel has attracted so much talent with the Soska twins directing and it stars both Danielle Harris AND Katharine Isabelle. I don’t know much about the sequel, but I know it takes place in a hospital and apparently the characters are really likable.  I love the idea of the hospital setting, as if done well it can be REALLY creepy.  I have a good feeling that this will be a great slasher sequel.
574484_354899141232878_728500705_n7. Bloody Wedding (2014???): This movie was actually made a couple years ago but hasn’t gotten distribution yet. It sounds like a blast and the reviews have said that it’s a very fun slasher film…and the trailer looks fun!  Plus a wedding-set slasher film isn’t something you get all the time…and it made for a great time in the vastly underrated The Stepfather 2!
1974984_756451227698992_1318103676_n8. Off the Air (2014/2015): While this film isn’t technically a slasher film, I’m still including it on the list as this dark thriller has some slasher type elements and it has a radio spin to it!  It sounds like it will have a unique and clever script with many twists and turns.
night-easter9. The Night Before Easter (2014): Yes! We’re getting TWO Easter slasher films this year, and this one sounds like a great time to me and I listened to part of the music score and it has a great 80’s style synth score that will really add to the film.
billy_club_ver210. Billy Club (2014): I honestly JUST learned of this film but it’s a baseball-themed slasher film and it sounds like a great fun time and I hear good things about the film!  I still don’t know much about this film, but my friends tell me I will love it and they know my taste in slasher films…plus it has the awesome Nick Sommers and I hear there is a great final girl involved.  I’ve always been a sucker for a great final girl!
StageFrightPos_big11. Stage Fright (2014): I didn’t think much about this film, but then the amazing poster was revealed and then the even GREAT red band trailer was released!  And this looks like it’ll be one HELL of a great time!  This film is mixing slasher with musical theatre, and I love the idea.  At first I was unsure, but the trailer wowed me and it looks like it’ll be a great time full of TONS OF GORE, original death scenes, and lots of humor.  The trailer does give away one major spoiler death scene, that I think shouldn’t have been shown, as it could go down as being a great cameo (Think Drew Barrymore in Scream)…and I just hope the comedy doesn’t overshadow the film, because it still should have lots of suspense and some scares.  But I cannot wait 🙂