MidSouthCon 32 Roundup

My hometown of Memphis, Tennessee may be world renowned for many things;  music, Bar-B-Que, beer, Jerry “the King” Lawler, and Elvis. But this past weekend it became known for MidSouthCon 32, a weekend filled with; panels, gaming, and the inexplicable scent of hotel that repels many but is greeted with enthusiasm by us fans, because we know what it heralds. Among the guests present were author of the Otherworld series Kelley Armstrong;  popular  radio personality Dr. Science; paranormal investigators Expedition Unknown; and award-winning fantasy artist Paul Bielaczyc. I was even honored to be a panelist on topics such as; comics, the Universal Monsters, and Doctor Who.

midsouthcon2Unlike many conventions throughout the United States, science fiction conventions in the South tend to incredibly people-centric as complete strangers can become good friends in a mere matter of minutes, and MidSouthCon was no exception. In fact many of the people I talked to about the event mentioned that right off the bat as their favorite part of the weekend. In fact on my first evening there I encountered a group who had just been strangers and rivals in the gaming room minutes before who were now banded together in the hunt of rumored free hot dogs (said hot dogs were delicious).

The cosplay present did not fail to impress as barely any costumes seemed half-hearted, in fact those who put forth the effort to create a costume were greatly rewarded. Upon my first evening there I saw the best Poison Ivy I have ever seen at a convention and her friend who was an equally impressive Two-Face.

Overall the weekend at MidSouthCon 32 was extremely enjoyable and I look forward to it again next March.