The Pull List: 4/16/2014


Batman #30

There’s not much info in the solicit, but a new Year Zero arc starts here.


Frankenstein Alive Alive #3

Holy Crap! A third issue! The second issue was back in November. I just figured I missed the third issue and all subsequent ones. It happens more often than you think. Anyways, I really dig this book. It is like an unofficial sequel to the classic Mary Shelley story.


Hulk #1

I’m not sure why the last Hulk series got cancelled and then restarted. This is basically a continuation of the last series. Silly Marvel and their #1 issue marketing ploys.

Justice League

Justice League #29

Newly minted Cyborg with a team of Metal Men shape-shifted to look like his own teammates apparently take the fight to Grid, Cyborg’s Crime Syndicate analog who is also currently in charge of the Justice League space station.


Sinestro #1

I’m going to be honest. I have cut some of the Green Lantern books for money reasons even though New Guardian and Red Lanterns are actually pretty good. Adding another one might be a problem, but before he took off from the books, Geoff Johns developed Sinestro into a pretty cool anti-hero. I’ll probably give the book a try.


Superior Spider-Man #31

The final issue of Superior Spider-Man. Spider-Man vs the Goblin Nation, but this isn’t the jerkface Octo-Spidey everyone never got used  to. It’s the real deal. Peter Parker, back in the saddle.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman #30

I was about to start describing this issue, but then I realized that I’m not entirely sure how often people read these issues. I should probably alert you to SPOILERS from now on esepcilly because the previous issue had a crap load of development. Oh well, Wnder