Cheap Game Tuesday: ‘Bioshock Infinite’

So you may be surprised to see a fairly recent Triple A game being featured in this section. But the purpose of the weekly recommendation is to spotlight games that are cheap and good, and at the price of FREE (on the PS+) it’s hard to argue. If you don’t have an account then it’s easy to big up cheaply previously owned our on Steam. There are two people reading this piece – those who have played Bioshock Infinite close to the initial release and those who haven’t played it yet.

Addressing the former, it can be assumed that after the mind-bending finale you intended to replay it at some point to appreciate the detail put in to the story. With the slew of new titles and consoles in the past year you can be forgiven for not getting around to that. You may have even traded it in for something else, assuming the opportunity will never come up. Take the chance to play it again while it’s cheap or free.


Now to every one else. I will resist the urge to shame you.

The game is worth the hype, and that’s not a platitude I hand out lightly. At the outset it looks like a flipped version of Bioshock. You begin with going to a lighthouse, then you ascend to a sky city on the verge of social collapse. Also special powers and guns. The similarities don’t stop there, but they all build towards one of the most intriguing twists seen in gaming. If you are interested in games centred around a brilliant story, like the original Bioshock, then this is a must play.

If gameplay is more your steed, it will also draw you in. It’s slick, well designed and keeps everything fresh and interesting throughout the long playtime. The revolves around the rescue of a young girl and your escape from the city. Surprisingly your constant companion helps non-stop, never needing you to protect her or causing a game over by running in front of bullets. Instead she throws you money and supplies throughout the game, and provides some solid dialogue with the protagonist.


Presentation wise, it doesn’t get much better for the console generation. You know that they care about the project when they program in tiny dust particles that float through in the air in beams of sunlight. The sections of the city floating at different heights and speeds is downright fantastic.

In short: if you haven’t played it go and play it. If you have, play it again.