Cheap Game Tuesday: ‘Trine 2’

Let’s preface this by saying that Trine 2 and it’s DLC is currently on Steam for $2, reduced down from $20. This sale will only last another few hours, so don’t dilly dally. Go and get it. It’s a fab game and if you don’t actually like it then you’re not out anything more than pocket change. You’ll manage.

Trine 2 was created by someone who clearly remembers the golden age of platformers. There was a time when we didn’t have to wait for the next Mario or Rayman game to enjoy a great platform adventure – they were the prominent genre. With imaginative titles like Chuck RockTurrican, James Pond 2: Robocod, Gods, The Addams Family, Soccer Kid, Alex Kidd in Miracle World…the line up seemed endless. Few franchises successfully made the jump to 3D and CD based gaming but with new material like Trine 2 we’ve got plenty to make us happy.

The first thing you will notice about Trine 2 is that it’s very, very pretty. It’s more than good graphics – it’s a beautifully realised and imaginative world that conjures up the very best in fantasy fiction. Seriously, look:


Players take command of a trio of adventurers, all linked by a magical artifact that has their three minds inhabiting the one body. At the press of a button they switch from one to the other depending on whose skill set is needed to overcome the current obstacle. Our team is comprised of Zoya the thief, whose abilities include grappling onto hooks and shooting with her bow, Pontius the knight, who is strong in combat, can deflect projectiles and bash through walls and Amadeus the wizard, who can summon geometric objects. Each character has a skill tree that they use to upgrade their abilities and learn new tricks.


The game allows frequent use of each character, requiring quick changes between them. Favouring one character may work for a short while but success only waits for those who can master each character. Amid the monsters faced on their journey the heroes must solve puzzles and defeat bosses, all the while unravelling the mystery that set them on their road. The controls will likely seem fiddly during the first few levels but they don’t get in the way of an enjoyable game.

This is most strongly recommended for older gamers looking for a throwback to early 90s, but the high quality of the production will ensure that anyone can enjoy it. Hurry now, the sale won’t last for long.