The Pull List: 5/7/2014

Must read comics coming out on 5/7/2014


Batman Eternal #5

Batman Eternal is a weekly series (and they seem to only be releasing the first of every moth cover) so I don’t think I’ll be constantly checking in to this one. So far, so good though. This one centers on Tim Drake (my favorite Robin) and one of the coolest new characters Harper Row (who it has been revealed will be a new sidekick soon, known as Bluebird), so I’m definitely excited for this particular issue.


Cyclops #1

Young Cyclops gets his on on-going series. After going to space to save Jean, he has decided to stay with his space-faring father, a man he thought he had lost a long time ago. 


Fairest #26

This is definitely been a really cool arc with Cinderella playing superspy for the Fables. This concludes her story tracking down rat people, hybrids of mice and mundies caused by one of her old rodent pals who somehow stayed in human form after midnight on that fateful night.


Green Arrow #31

Seriously, it feels like the Outsiders War just started, but here is the concluding chapter. Hopefully, the Outsiders in general don’t die here because they are a damn interesting concept. 


New 52 Futures End #1

Ugh! A new weekly series. Can’t say I am actually anticipating it. I am kind of hoping its bad so that I don’t have to spend all the money for them. Haha. Anyways, it takes place 5 years in the future where a time travelling Batman (the Beyond version) helps out a who’s who of DC players stop an impending apocalypse.


New Warriors #4

Here is the end of the first arc of the New Warriors new on-going. It was a really clever way that the team was brought together. A mutant, a clone, an alien, an Atlantean, among others are forced to fight when the High Evolutionary decides to purify humanity of these genetic anomalies. Christopher Yost, who brings more of his Saturday morning charm than his ultra-violence from his X-Force days, makes this just a really fun book. This is basically Marvel’s version of the Teen Titans, what the Teen Titans book should really feel like.


Original Sin #1

One of the most prolific supporting character (strictly a supporting character), the Watcher, is murdered, and Earth’s heroes are going to investigate. I am really looking forward to this crossover. I’m usually crossover-ed out at this point, but this sounds legit interesting. Someone killed the Watcher to get all the world’s secrets, and the heroes are going t have to face their biggest sins.