The Pull List: 6/11/2014

Apologies to our usual readers and Slam Adams for the lateness of this weeks Pull List – computer faults at the homebase. (G-Funk)

Must read comics of the week.


Empty Man #1

New comic from Boom! Studios teams up the FBI and the CDC to go up against the titular disease that sounds like something out of 28 Days Later…. or The Happening.


Figment #1

In Marvel’s second collaboration with Disney, they bring to life a character that to my knowledge has never left his theme park rides. He has still become one of Disney’s most popular characters regardless.


Manifest Destiny #7

A new arc begins this issue, with Lewis and Clark in the gang going westward and finding more weirdness.


Mighty Avengers #11

In this Original Sin tie-in, this issue goes back to the 70s for a team up between green jacket Blade, pre-superhuman Blue Marvel, and a Luke Cage’s cop father.