My Time With ‘The Red Pill’: Why Men’s Rights Activists Are Still Here

A couple of weeks ago a wretched piece of sputum whose name doesn’t deserve space on my site committed murder as an act of ‘revenge’ on the female part of the population. Women had the audacity not to throw their naked selves at him, you see. One thing that came to media attention in the days that followed was Sputum’s (I think I’m going to call him that from now on) subscription to a number of ‘Men’s Rights’ and ‘Pick-Up Artist’ websites, and his final public video espoused the attitude encouraged by such communities. If you’re unfamiliar with this attitude, let’s see what a popular forum has to say…

Feminism is a sexual strategy. It puts women into the best position they can find, to select mates, to determine when they want to switch mates, to locate the best dna possible, and to garner the most resources they can individually achieve.

There. Feminism is a plot by women to take over the world using sex. The concept of ‘Men’s Rights’ is that men need to ‘reclaim’ their place in the world by ‘mastering game’ (being about to seduce women), learning about ‘evolutionary psychology’ (pseudo-science claiming that men are entitled to be in charge) and ‘accepting reality’ (as defined by internet dwellers).

As you’d expect these groups came under a lot of scrutiny following the Santa Barbara shooting. It was very much a public demand to bring these groups in to the sunlight to show them for what they are. To put it simply, they really are over-entitled, first world losers who cannot come to terms with being unsuccessful with women. This could be for a variety of reasons, but after spending some time in their midst the main reason becomes clear. They’re largely unlikeable.

To put it more simply:


The question that remains is thus: why are they still here? Half the planet pointed out how ridiculous they are and the other half didn’t think that they’re worth the effort. Yet they stay a very, very stubborn minority. Why? I spent a couple of weeks participating over at ‘The Red Pill’ (yes, they named their ideology after a sci-fi movie prop), considered to be the more reasonable and socially aware of the groups.



Here are the reasons why they continue unabated.

They Exist in an Echo Chamber

When you’re feeling angry at the world it’s nice to have someone who’ll be on your side. Someone who’ll reassure you that you are in the right and everyone else is in the wrong. You’ll feel better about yourself and will feel more confident. The Red Pill exists entirely to serve this purpose for men angry at their world for not handing them sexual conquests and the respect of their peers. When a member of The Red Pill posts about their experience with being rejected by women, or ‘proof’ that feminism is ruining the world the rest of the subscribers rally around them to tell them how right they are. If they left their house long enough to socialise they would no doubt slap each other on the back in a good hearted manner.

Men go to The Red Pill because other men are going to tell them that they’re in the right. They feel better having their twisted viewpoint in re-enforced.


This man seems to be demanding a uterus.

You might be wondering though…not everyone on The Red Pill blindly agrees with the others, right?

They Insulate Themselves

The first thing I learned after joining The Red Pill is that it’s amazingly easy to get banned from the group. You have to sit through a waiting period of a couple of days before you’re actually allowed to participate in the discussion. After that anything you say off-message is branded as trolling. This usually leads to an immediate ban. No warnings or temporary suspensions are given – any vocal rejection of the forum ideology gets you banned. I went through 7 dummy accounts to research this article.

Essentially they protect themselves from criticism, different points of view and…by that extension…logic. This doubles up the problems with them being in an echo chamber: not one voice of dissent is permitted.

They Preemptively Turn Criticism into a Joke

Or attempt to. The Red Pill has, either through experience or assumption, prepared a document for anyone who wishes to criticise their thinking (or ‘trolling’, as they incorrectly call it). The thoughtfully prepared ‘Glossary of Shaming Tactics’ takes readers to a 2000 word piece that categorises anti-MRA arguments and provides responses to be copied and pasted in response. This is a childish way to deal with criticism, the equivalent to stamping your feet with your fingers in your ears.

What do we take away from this? Criticism of the growing ‘Men’s Right’ attitude abounds but the targets of this justified ire have swaddled themselves in so many layers of ignorance that anything said against them is never going to get through to them. The only thing we can do is try and remember where they have failed. This community was born primarily out of men’s anger at their sexual failings, and espousing these ideologies is not going to get them laid. So let them continue their crusade, it’s not going to get them what they want.