The Pull List: 8/20/2014

Must read comics of 8/20/2014. I didn’t get a chance to write one last week. Life got in the way. Sorry about that.


Delinquents #1

I have heard of Quantum and Woody, but I can’t say that I have ever read them. I have never heard of Archer and Armstrong until they got optioned as a movie. Apparently, these guys are really popular, and now I am kind of upset I never jumped on board when they first started. I guess this is a cool place to start though with both duos teaming up. Or beating each other up. Probably a little of both.


Elektra #5

Elektra’s first arc comes to a climax as she takes on one of the deadliest assassins you have never heard of. The whole series has had a poetic art style with an interesting thriller-like redemption story. It is slowly working its way up the rankings of Marvel’s best books.


Fade Out #1

Writer Ed Brubaker knows his wheelhouse very well. Noir! Taking place in 1948 Hollywood, it follows the tumultuous production of a crime flick. The soldier turned screenwriter is suffering from PTSD, the leading lady was brutally murdered, and the studio mogul and his security chief will do anything to keep the movie together. Barton Fink meets LA Condfidential with Brubaker re-teaming with his Incognito artist, Sean Phillips.


Multiversity #1

I feel like Grant Morrison has talked about this project forever, and I was really worried that the New 52 reboot might have given it the boot. Just like Batman Incorporated though, it braved the change. If anything was going to b safe, it was going to be Multiversity, because it actually has to do with multiple alternate realities. Just check out that cover. A black Supermn. A Silver Age-y Captain Carrot. Abin Sur dressed like Alan Scott. Should be fun and Morrison-y weird.


New Avengers #23

The Illuminati is shattered. They have gone their separate directions. They are just waiting for their Earth to be the next to go. WHAT?! Hickman has really hit the gas with this book in the last few issues.