The Pull List: 8/27/2014

Must read comics of the week


Batman Eternal #21

In this issue, Alfred will be injected with fear toxin and dragged into Arkham Asylum.

Bobs Burger

Bobs Burgers #1

The surprise hit show from Fox’s Sunday Night lineup can now be enjoyed in comic form thanks to Dynamite Entertainment.


Bodies #2

After the very awesome first issue spanning multiple eras and genres, I would be amiss not recommending the very cool murder mystery.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy #18

Before Bendis brought back Star-Lord 18 issues ago, Quill was last scene pulling a Butch and Sundance with Nova Rich Ryder. Now, we get to find out how Quill crawled out of the Cancerverse and just what exactly happened to Nova.


POP #1

What if today’s pop stars were genetically engineered by media’s head honchos? 


Secret Origins #5

So, the thing about this Secret Origins series is it is covering characters that were so recently rebooted thanks to the New 52. I would love origin, but it needs to be for a character who’s history is either unknown or needs elaborating on. Cyborg? No. Red Arrow? Maybe. Mera? Oh, hell yeah!


Silver Surfer #5

Silver Surfer reteams with his former Defenders team members Hulk and Dr. Strange to take on Shuma Gorath. And of course, Dawn’s life hangs in the balance. Again!


Uncanny Avengers #23

Kang is no longer a threat. The Avengers have gotten back from their time stream adventure. But there are still a lot of consequences to deal with.


Wayward #1

Described as a Buffy the Vampire Slayer for a new generation, a teenager reunites with her mother in Japan only to come face to face with monsters threatened by her potential as a hero.


Wolverine #12

So they had plans to kill of Wolverine for awhile. This issue will feature Sabretooth getting his last licks in screwing with Wolvie once more before Wolverine finally keels over.