Disney Dinner and a Movie: ‘Sleeping Beauty’

Sleeping Beauty is one of my all time favorite films. I adore the 14th century-inspired animation, whimsical Tchaikovsky score, and fantastic characters. The story is a classic princess tale filled with dragons, magic, and a heroic prince. There are few villains who can compare to Maleficent and the three fairies are are absolute delight and steal the show. Sleeping Beauty is a classic for a reason and this blog will explore the themed meal I created to go along with it.


For an appetizer I took inspiration from the scene where Briar Rose (aka Princess Aurora) is off picking berries in the forest. This is an important and lovely scene because it’s when the kind-hearted princess meets brave and charming Prince Philip. I took the berry theme and found this recipe for chilled berry soup. It was something between a gazpacho and a smoothie and definitely a refreshing snack, something I would recommend for entertaining on warm summer days.

berriesgifsleeping beauty

For my entree I searched all over until I finally found these adorable spinwheel shaped pasta. The spinning wheel is an integral part of the movie because as per Maleficent’s curse Aurora pricks her finger on it and falls into a deep sleep. I choose to use this homemade pesto sauce recipe because the green is so prevalent in this film, both in the forest that they live in and because the spinwheel itself is glowing green from Maleficent’s magic when Aurora touches it. This was a hearty yet still light pasta dish perfect for late summer.


For dessert I wanted to recreate Aurora’s 16th birthday cake that her three aunts lovingly failed at making her. This is perhaps my favorite scene of any Disney film and seeing them completely botch this birthday party is fantastic. The cake that Fauna attempted to make was absolutely gross and liquid-y since she didn’t know she had to bake it. Now, since I wanted to make something edible I did bake my chocolate cake. To make it resemble the one in the film; however, I used very soft icing over cake layers that I staggered and kept together with wooden sticks. Then I added some blue (and pink as well since I couldn’t leave out the blue vs pink battle) and voila! I ended up with a cake that looks super gross but tasted super delicious. I even added a tiny broom for added cuteness factor.



And there you have it, a yummy meal made for a beautiful film. Enjoy!

Coming Soon: Disney Dinner and a Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas