The Pull List: 9/24/2014

Must read comics of the week


Butterfly #1

A spy drama/thriller that explores WHY spies do what they do.


Ghostbusters #20

This is the final issue to a comic that was much better than I ever thought possible. Maybe it was lacking the magic of Harold Ramis and Bill Murray, but it had so much spirit to even attempt it. It has been a fun book, one that treated the Ghosbusters more like adventurers and made plenty of references to the Ghosbusters casts prior roles.

G.I. Joe

G. I. Joe #1

Looks like GI Joe is getting a relaunch or a reboot or whatever. Cobra has become a peace-keeping force leaving GI Joe obsolete.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy #19

The story behind Star-Lord’s return from the Cancerverse continues. More specifically, what the hell happened to Rich Ryder who was stuck in their with him.


New Avengers #24

The Illuminati’s story is really revving up me thinks. They broke up the band and waited for the end, but when the end never comes, they think they destroyed a planet for nothing. What they don’t know is Namor put together his own new Illuminati. In 8 months……time runs out!


Saga #23

Why? Because it’s Saga, that’s why. The solicit only has one word: betrayal, but I’m pretty sure Prince Robot is very close to catching up with our star-crossed lovers.


Thunderbolts #31

Punisher vs Red Hulk. It has all been leading to this.


Wayward #2

I suggested the first issue awhile back, and I really liked it. So people should keep reading about this Buffy for a new generation freshly moved in to Japan and already seeing the demonic all around.