Top 10 Women in Pop Culture – Reader’s Choice!

Based on the numbers our readers enjoyed the 100 Women in Pop Culture as much as we did. We’re very happy with that, and we enjoyed looking at how the reader votes fell. We’ve taken a look across the results and put together this Top 10 ranked list – so if you don’t agree with the list you have no-one to blame but yourselves!

That said is not a definitive result with the polls divided into five parts and some being available for longer.

#10 – Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

It’s not surprising to see Wonder Woman appear on the list, scrapping in at only number 10. This is possibly down to her long term standing in the comic medium. Now more than ever she stands alongside her team-mates as one of the most powerful superhero around. Hopefully the upcoming movie appearances can help the mainstream understand why she’s such a highly regarded character.

#9 – Rogue


Image from MagicnaAnavi on DeviantArt

Rogue represents the world of X-Men, edging out Storm by a mere two votes. I would have guessed Kitty Pryde would give them sturdier competition but I’m not surprised to see Rogue here. She represents the poor luck in the mutant lottery. Rather than shooting fire or growing wings, Rogue looses the ability to touch another person without draining their life. She carries the pain of her physical loneliness but isn’t without a light demeanour, finding humour in most situations.

#8 – Katara


Although widely popular the children’s show Avatar (both The Last Airbender and spin-off The Legend of Korra) still needs to be watched by more adults. With strongly developed characters and dealing with matters of spirituality, responsibility and personal strength it is carried by imagination, amazing writing and fantastic animation. Katara is easily one one of the best characters in the franchise, having decided to step up and accompany the Avatar Aang on his journey to stop an international war while barely an teenager. Katara is at once a mother figure to the band of travellers, a healer and a warrior, and a role model not just for young girls but for everyone.

#7 – Hermione Granger

Hermione has proven one thing we at the House have known to be true for years: being a geek is cool. Always knowing the right book to look in for answers and having more natural affinity for magic than the famed Harry Potter or the children on long standing wizard families makes Hermione a strong figure. Dealing with real teenage issues such as fitting in and standing by your friends makes her easy to relate to. Thank heavens they discovered the talented Emma Watson to bring the character to life.

#6 – Katniss Everdeen


We already know that archers kick all kinds of ass. Katniss is a hard living character whose role in life was survival. She provides for her mother and sister by illegally hunting outside of her district before being forced uncomfortably into the spotlight in The Hunger Games. It’s great seeing the character gain so much support as in many ways she’s the anti-thesis of the mainstream values of fame and celebrity. For those following the movies are set to see Katniss challenging herself in new ways.

#5 – Harley Quinn


My absolute favourite Batman villain! Starting out as a female variant on the Joker’s typically male henchmen in Batman The Animated Series and dressed in a jester outfit her zaniness proved popular enough with viewers to become a regular feature. Making the jump to comics and given a fleshed out backstory that revealed her past as a doctor as Arkham who fell in love with a madman, Harley’s popularity continued to rise. Now a regular in animated movies, Batman comics, video games and even her own series and an upcoming debut in live action cinema – it’s no surprise she picked up so many votes.

#4 – Olivia Dunham


Having beaten out another popular Special Agent, Dunham has picked up a huge amount of votes as a strong willed and determined member of the Fringe division. Growing up amid countless hardships and mysteries has shaped Dunham into the character the viewers admire and expect to see come out on top.

#3 – Arya Stark


Unsurprisingly everyone loves the brattish little scamp who insists on learning how to wield a sword rather than dance, and tells the God of Death ‘not today’. The counter point of her sister who lives for her role in the court, Arya wanted to run free and when she gets her wish in the worst way possible she is forced to grow into a warrior. Now surviving day to day the young Arya counts down the list of her intended victims and growing stronger – we can’t wait to see where her journey winds up. If there’s one character George R.R. Martin could not get away with killing, it’s this one.

#2 – Veronica Mars


Although she is an awesome character I’m surprised that she arrived so high on the list. Not complaining, since it’s one of my favourite shows of all time, but given the show got cut short due to lack of audience she has placed very high in this count down. A typical high school girl who encounters a tragedy and death and turns it around to a lucrative private detective gig. Veronica Mars earns the viewers heart through her layered depicted of teenage life – trying to keep people out but unable to survive alone – and earned their respect by winning the day through her smarts and pure gumption. The world would be a better place with more Veronica Mars in it.

And now the number one spot, winning the day with MORE THAN DOUBLE the votes of the closest rival…you know that it can only be:

#1 – Buffy Summers


More than just a great character – Buffy is THE great character who paved the road for many of the other figures on this top 10. Joss Whedon began with the idea of the typical blonde victim in horror movies turning the tables on the monster and developed the character from there. Although the original movie incarnation didn’t make big waves, the subsequent TV version starring Sarah Michelle Gellar certainly did. Redefining what a genre TV show can be Buffy the Vampire Slayer has lead to an era of big budget, big name sci-fi, horror and fantasy viewing and a new generation of young, strong female leads. There’s a reason Buffy was loved by the mainstream AND obsessed over by geeks.

What will our next Top 100 be? No idea – make your suggestions below!