The Pull List: 11/19/14

Must read comics of the week

Grant Morrison

Annihiltor #3

I forgot to mention this with the first issue. Forgot to mention the second time too, so I am definitely mentioning it for the third issue. I mean, its Grant Morrison being trippy with a down and out screenwriter meets the hero from his sci-fi screenplay. 


Batwoman #36

Last issue of Batwoman really threw us into the deep end starting with the end and then ending with a “See how we got here next issue” instead of a regular “to be continued.”


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 #9

Buffy, Spike, and Willow follow Andrew back to the crater that was Sunnydale to stop Andrew from abusing the new Vampyr rule book. With magic now out in the open, Sunnydale has become a Burning Man like location for all the demons, witches, and other monsters of the world, so rivals are around every corner.


Criminal Macabre: The Third Child #3

Cal MacDonald’s latest adventure gets pretty crazy. The world is rioting, Cal is being a bigger dick than usual because he’s a monster now and burned  bridges with Moloch (the ghoul) and Adam (the Frankenstein’s monster).


Deadpool #37

An Axis tie-in I am actually interested in. Scarlet Witch tried to invert Red Onslaught’s mind to Xavier’s mind, but she ended up inverting everyone else. So now the Avengers and the X-Men are jerks, Carnage is a hero, and, in this story, Deadpool has become an anti-violent zen master.


Death of Wolverine: Weapon X Program #2

The only good Death of Wolverine tie-in I have found. It follows a few different test subjects escaping the exploding Weapon X base. And one of them is very familiar looking. 

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four #13

Since the beginning of this new on-going, the Fantastic Four have been put through the ringer. Johnny is powerless. Valeria is living with Dr. Doom. The Thing is framed for the death of The Puppetmaster. The rest of the kids in their care are taken by Maria Hill. And The Richards are basically run out of New York. It is time to piece these guys back together. Step 1: Bring back the blue!

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy #21

So Agent Venom (aka Flash Thompson) joined the Guardians a while back in Marvel’s attempts to get people to like this version of the character (Not gonna lie: he’s my favorite Venom). He hasn’t been able to do much since they got separated and Star-Lord has some flashback issues. Here’s his time to shine.


Inhuman #8

Found out what the Boltagon brothers have been up to since Attilan crashed landed in New York. It was more than just hanging with the Illuminati.


Invincible #115

I just feel like I haven’t mentioned this book in a while. I can’t remember the last time I read one. 


Multiversity Pax Americana

Another one-shot showing of one of the 52 Earths takes a look at Earth 4 full of the Charlton Comic characters (aka the inspirations for the Watchmen characters): The Question, Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, and more.


Punk Mambo #0

A punk rock chick from London travels the world learning dark magic and returns home to rub elbows with others punks and voodoo priests.


Sinergy #1

Not Synergy. Sinergy. An energy that is emitted by sin. A college freshman athlete gets whammied with the stuff when she has her first sexual experience and starts seeing monsters from another dimension. Turns out, it runs in the family and her father wants her to help kill monsters together. 


Thief of Thieves #25

The conclusion to The Kill List that so Conrad faking deaths and making real ones all over the place. It’s been fun, but let’s get back to some thieving.


Wonder Woman #3o

 A new creative team is taking over for what was one of DC’s best books post-New-52. And one of my favorite books of theirs possibly ever. Fingers crossed they live up to it.