Fan Impact from ‘The Force Awakens’ Teaser Trailer

You’ve probably watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer like 88 times, there’s already all kinds of indepth analyses involving every pixel from those 88 seconds of geeky bliss like how that soccerball droid works and posing questions about what we just saw, who are the characters? where’s Luke, Leia and Han? What else can we expect? Consider us teased. There’s no doubt it provided us with a new hope, there’s a certain appeal that has put us on ease about what to expect. You know something special awaits us when you can get excited with something as simple as space ships skimming through a lake. It’s only been 3 days and the internet has already exploded 3 times over with parodies, theories and fan art.

Many cynics might point out that the reaction whas quite similar when the first teaser for The Phantom Menace came out.

Tears of joy, everyone thanking George Lucas for giving meaning to their lives again. Many never even thought about the idea of disappointment. It was a new Star Wars, that’s all that we needed. So sure, history might repeat itself but things are different now, we have a point of comparisson, we have learned our lesson. Now, we have perspective, we have the internet and this need to overanalize every little detail. We have built a strong shell to defend our emotions and what this trailer has given us not only looks cool but it just feels right. The teaser has thrown ideas at us, ideas that trascend the mere notion of continuing a franchise.



(to be fair it still does look kinda cool)


Case in point, in the new teaser, the stormtroopers are about to descend, it’s something we’ve seen before, in Attack of the Clones we see some ships with Clone Troopers descending on Tatooine, so what’s different? In the teaser we they give us point of views, different angles and it tells a different story, it changes the conversation. In just a glimpse we get the sense of urgency, they’re about to embark on a mission and one can already feel the dread, the fear, the rush. It all has a soul (major props to the cinematography work we can also manage to see). So yes, there’s been an awakening, and it’s called The Star Wars fandom and these have been the best 88 seconds we’ve had in a long while and this is how the internet has reacted.

There’s already a slew of fanposters using only the elements shown in the teaser.


Some fanart

Even that “popsicle” speeder was turned to LEGO with what appears to be a minifig of JJ Abrams

One thing that always comes up is that crossguard lightsaber (That coincidentally is nothing new in Star Wars lore)



Some say it’s absurd, others like it, sword lovers defend it and many think it’s overkill so once again internet dwellers took it upon themselves to give it a few humorous tweaks.

Wait, what if that IS Luke!

Phineas and Pherb also proved that it’s nothing new

Memes, memes everywhere!

30 years later, one Storm Trooper finally snaps out of his force trance

And of course we have the video parodies

An Impressive (most impressive) LEGO rendition made in under 15 hours

For those of you who missed the JJ Abram trademark lensflares

And another case for perspective, the George Lucas’ Special Edition of the teaser

Finally, someone already went and got a tattoo of this little guy

No doubt we’ll be seeing more stuff as the days go by and that’s a good thing, anything to pass the time until December 2015 rolls around. May the force be with you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!