The Pull List: 12/10/2014

Must read comics


Afterlife with Archie #7

Archie and the gang hit the road on the empty highways of America thanks to the zombie apocalypse. Despite the world ending, they still try to have a proper Thanksgiving. Good luck with that!


Bitch Planet #1

2014’s Best Writer Eisner Award winner Kelly Sue DeConnick takes the women-in-prison exploitation drama out of the grindhouse and up in to space.


East of West World One Shot

East of West is a series that could be multiple series. It has the kind of detail that Marvel and DC put into their entire line. Sometimes it can be a little hard to follow, because there is just so much going on. Here is an encyclopedia of the series including information that will never be included in the series.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1

It’s Harley Quinn! And we love Harley Quinn! So check out her Christmas special. 


Sinergy #2

I really liked the first issue so I would be amiss not suggesting the next one. Quick recap, Jess comes from a line of monster hunters who’s superpower of seeing monsters’ true faces develops after they lose their virginity. It just so happens that she lost her virginity to a monster so that was an especially awkward moment.

Spider-Man. X-Men

Spider-Man and the X-men #1

With Wolverine dead, the Jean Grey school gets a new guidance counselor, Spider-Man. Is he up to the challenge?


Uncanny X-Men Annual #1

Part 1 of Tempus’ little trip. A while back, Tempus used her time control powers and disappeared. She showed back up a little older and a little more weathered. Here’s what happened.