The Pull List: 1/14/2015


Avengers #34.2

The “point something” issues I haven’t usually bothered with. This one spotlights Starbrand and Nightmask though, some New Universe characters that Jonathan Hickman has brought over to the legit Marvel Universe. They could use some fleshing out.


Batman Eternal #41

Oh yea, there was a nanobot virus in this series. I had forgot all about, but technically Tim Drake is one the case. That probably also means Harper Row will be involved again too.


Daredevil #12

A conclusion to the Stunt Master arc which has been a very interesting “feet-on-the-ground” kind of villain. A man who is challenging DD by stealing his moniker, Man Without Fear, and sending patsies to their deaths.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat X #1

A prequel to the new upcoming game.