The Pull List: 1/28/2015

Must read comics of the week


Alex + Ada #12

Check out one of the best comics of last year (at least in my opinion) this year.


Batman #38

I can’t help but continue to bring up Batman as long as he is fighting The Joker.


Dying and the Dead #1

Jonathan Hickman gets his indie thing going on after issues on top of issues of Avengers epics.  Of course, it is dense as hell. A death at a wedding. A fifty year old secret. A man gets a chance to save his dying wife. A lost tribe is reborn. Hickman at his best likes to string disparate events together.


Find #1

All ages comics don’t come around quite as often as they used to. Everything seems to be at least Teen nowadays. This one-shot tale stars a kid reminsent of the heroes of ET or Flight of the Navigator, who goes on a mysterious adventure when he finds an otherworldly object.


UncannyAvengers #1

Ok, Axis was a big damn disappointment. Considering how absolutely fantastic Uncanny X-Force was, I have been following Rick Remender’s throughline that he started there. Axis is not the grand scheme I was hoping for, but I am really loving this roster. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver working together and on the side of angels again. Brother Voodoo (or Doctor Voodoo, I can’t remember which) back in the spotlight. And Sabretooth turned good guy as the new “Wolverine.”