The Pull List: 2/18/2015

Must read comics of the week


Batman Eternal #46

Batman has some questions for Ra’s al Ghul.


Ei8ht #1

A new space adventure comes our way from Dark Horse. Well, actually it is a time adventure. Joshua, a chrononaut, winds up in an inhospitable place in time with no memory of how he got there. 


The Kitchen #4

It is the fateful day the ladies have been waiting for: the day their hubbies get out of prison. They are none to pleased with the way the ladies of been carrying on the business. The ladies don’t really care though. 


Moon Knight #12

The climatic end of Moon Knight’s second arc. 


Multiversity: Mastermen

I am very much looking forward to this Earth. I am a big fan of Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters (at least there modern tales). This goes back to the original origin where they were protecting the world from a Nazi regime that WON WWII. Not to mention they Kal-El crash landed in that country instead of America. 


Rumble #3

I have been enjoying this young tale of a scarecrow pagan god mercenary thing. I’m not really sure what he is. I guess this is the issue to find out. 


Secret Identities #1

A famed superhero group  has a new member, a mole trying to get all of their secrets. 


Silver Surfer #9

Silver Surfer vs Galactus. 


Stray #1

Doberman was the greatest superhero ever and has been killed. It is up to his now adult former sidekick, The Rottweiller, to find the killer.