The Pull List: 3/11/2015

Must read comics of the week


Ant-Man #3

Ant-Man vs Taskmaster.


East of West #18

This is the story of Ezra Orion.

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four #644

The Fantastic Four are finally reunited, and they are already splitting up. But this time it is strategic. The Thing vs. the heroes from the Heroes Reborn world. Mr. Fantastic vs the Quiet Man. Invisible Woman battles her subconscious while Johnny stands guard over her physical body.

Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck #1

Hot on his appearance in after the credits of Guardians of the Galaxy (seriously, weirdest hype moment ever), Howard the Duck is returning to the page as a NY Private Eye.


Hellbreak #1

In this world, there are numerous version of Hell. Now that we know how to infiltrate them, rescue missions are being planned