The Pull List: 3/18/2015

Must read comics of the week


All New X-Men #39

The X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy team up is getting interesting. They have the Black Vortex, a mirror that gives super-powered make-overs. 3 of their number have already taken the ride, and they want the whole universe to get a make-over too.


Batman Eternal #50

After issue upon issue of Batman trying to get his bearings, he is finally back to help his sidekicks fight the recently upgraded rogues.


Ei8ht #2

A really cool first issue definitely gets this one put back on the pull list. A color coded time jumping sci-fi adventure.


Frankenstein Underground #1

Mike Mignola’s take on Frankenstein that sounds like a sequel to Shelly’s original.


Giant Days #1

A new series from webcomic creator, John Allston. 3 girls starting their freshman year of college deal with the usual college experience plus all sorts of Buffy and Scott Pilgrim type non-sense.


Hulk #13

The anti-gamma crusade continues. Doc Green (the smart Hulk) teams up with Deadpool to take out Red Hulk.


Moon Knight #13

Another new creative team? Without a re-numbering? Man, Moon Knight is on a roll.


Red One #1

A cool, complicated new series stars a female Russian spy sent to America to become a superhero and preach communism.