Disney Dinner and a Movie: ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’

The Emperor’s New Groove has the misfortune of being released during Disney’s Post-Renaissance phase which means it often goes unnoticed among the classics of the 1990’s or the modern revival films. It is, however; a hilarious, heart-warming and thoroughly entertaining film. A buddy comedy about an emperor-turned-llama and an every day man with a great family, this movie provides us an exciting adventure, colorful characters, and the fantastic setting of ancient Peru. If you’ve somehow missed seeing this one, go out and watch it and maybe have some of the following foods as well!


For an appetizer I decided to try and replicate Kronk’s famous spinach puffs that he serves Yzma and Kuzco. I used this recipe that I found online and they turned out absolutely delicious. By the end of the night they were all gone and I even made a second batch the next night. It’s no wonder Kronk was so proud of them. These are highly recommended.




For an entree, the most appropriate dish to make would have been cuy, the roasted guinea pig prominent throughout Incan culture or whatever sort of giant pill bug they ate at the restaurant. Since I definitely wasn’t going to make either of those, I instead chose a simple recipe for Incan salad. The salad is made up of quinoa, beans, corn, veggies, and spices. It was incredibly fast and easy to make as well as yummy and nutritious. Definitely a winner here.


inca salad


For dessert I went with a regional classic: alfajores. These are shortbread-esque cookies filled with dulce de leche. I found an awesome recipe to make a vegan version. The cookies came out flaky and soft with the filling a delicious sweet and nutty flavor. These were a fun way to end my Incan-inspired Emperor’s New Groove meal.



It took me much longer in my life than I’d like to admit to watch The Emperor’s New Groove but I’m so glad I finally did. A fantastic film combined with delicious South American cuisine makes for a great night!


Coming Soon: Disney Dinner and a Movie: Fantasia