The Pull List: 7/22/2015

Buzz worthy books of the week


Cyborg #1

The great thing about fiction is that sometimes it takes on a life of their own, and you can almost talk about characters as if they are actually making their decisions. When it comes to the superhero stuff, that usually means, at least for me, that some heroes “earn” their spot on the big league teams. Before New 52, Cyborg was one of those characters I thought deserved a graduation to JLA member. And after finally geting their (except through a reboot) and also getting his own upcoming movie, he is getting his own series.

Fight Club

Fight Club 2 #3

Chuck Palahniuk’s comic sequel to his most famous novel (thanks mostly to a movie) is going WAY better than I could have anticipated. Turns out Tyler has been following Sebastian around a lot longer than we thought.


Five Ghosts #17

I hate when this series doesn’t come out monthly. Its so good, especially this arc, that has Fabian facing off against one his ghosts.


Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #1

Two of my favorite characters, currently dating, but thanks to the Secret Wars bullcrap Star-Lord is coming face to face with a different kind of Kitty Pryde. From the looks of it, the one from Age of Apocalypse.


Son of the Devil #3

This is a pretty interesting new book. It’s progressing nicely. There is no preview premise for this though.


We Are Robin #2

This is a surprisingly interesting idea. I like the idea that a gang of kids wanting to protect Gotham would take the namesake of Batman’s closest ally instead of Batman himself. I have always had more of  fascination with the legacy of Robin (I always wished there was a dedicated book about Dick, Jason, Tim, and Damien’s relationship).


Wolf #1

Supernatural investigator? Yes, please!