Disney Dinner and a Movie: ‘Fantasia’

Fantasia is a Disney classic and a truly underrated one at that. Most people will instantly recognize Sorcerer Mickey but I don’t think the film itself gets enough credit. Filled with beautiful animation created to go along with famous classical music pieces, Fantasia is a sight to see and hear every time it’s on. I’ve loved this movie both as a kid and as an adult and had a lot of fun creating a meal around it since it was really all inspirational and not particularly literal.
For an appetizer I took inspiration from the segment Nutcracker Suite by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. This animation features a bunch of beautiful imagery but I’ve always loved the dancing flowers best. To pay homage to them I made these delicious and ridiculously easy flower shaped apple pastries. They are so gorgeous they will convince people you are a master in the kitchen, despite being incredibly easy and quick to make. 
For the entree I wanted to go with a dinosaur theme since dinosaurs are part of the Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky segment. I found this fantastically clever recipe for a “dino egg nest” online. The nest is sauteed kale and veggies while the “eggs” are baby potatoes. This is a nutritious meal that just happens to look super fun as well.
For dessert I looked toward the segment The Pastoral Symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven which features creatures and figures from Greco-Roman mythology. Since most of the characters get drunk on wine, courtesy of the God Bacchus, I knew I had to incorporate it. I decided on a red wine chocolate cake which came out quite heavenly. Another addition to my recipe book! Unfortunately I managed to lose the photo I took of the cake so the photo below is from the website with the original recipe.
This was another wonderful and delicious entry into the Disney Dinner and a Movie series!
Coming Soon: Disney Dinner and a Movie: The Parent Trap